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Christmas Wishlists


One month till Christmas – how time flies!! Have you started your Christmas shopping? Mummy said she has bought a few things already (I am not sure I believe her, she always leaves everything to the last minute).

The reason I know Christmas is just around the corner is because the days are really short now, all the Christmas lights are up, people are always walking around with lots of shopping bags and all the Christmas grotto’s are starting to open up at all my favourite places – Hyde Park, Kew Gardens, Westfields etc.

Last week mummy helped me write a letter to Santa and next week we are making a Christmas cake. She has never made one before so it could go either way!

Last year we had Omi and Poppy here to celebrate with, we had a huge tree in the middle of the lounge room which daddy decorated and we ate a massive Christmas feast. This year its just the four of us but I think Mummy still has a few surprises up her sleeve.

I can’t wait to buy the Christmas tree and decorate it with my little sister – this will be her first Christmas.

Have you been good this year? What will santa bring you?

Mummy has helped me put together some wishlists for my family in Australia and an extra reminder for Santa. At the moment there are lots of things I am into and really enjoy playing with. So here are a few of my favourite things:
Imaginative play -dressing up in fancy dress
Playing with dolls houses/fairies etc
Board games (Orchard Toys)
My favourite characters are Hello Kitty or Peppa Pig
Music and dancing – especially playing the guitar
Taking photos
Reading books -Julia Donaldson are my favouites.
Converse Shoes (white high tops)
As it is getting colder I also would love some new winter clothes and shoes.

Ophelia is still so small and she has inherited most of my toys but I think she still needs a few more. Mummy has included toys for her in my wishlists on the links below. She is sitting, wiggling and rolling her way around the house- almost crawling so any toys to help promote that will be nice. The next step for her will be standing and walking so toys that get her moving, standing or bouncing will be lots of fun for her aswell. She is also sitting up in the bath – so some new bath toys (which will benefit me too! haha).

Tesco (Toys):

Mothercare (Toys and Clothes):

H&M (Clothes):

Next (Clothes and shoes):
Giftlist number: 96644516

Zara (my favourite clothes):

What have you asked Santa for Christmas?
H x


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