Autumn Days 2013


Autumn is mummy’s favourite month. The weather gets a littke chilly, the sun still shines and all the leaves turn yellow and orange. I like running through the leaves and jumping in puddles after its rained.

This will be Ophelia’s first Autumn. She is almost 6 months now, she is not so little anymore. She cut her first tooth the other day and the second tooth came a week later. She is making full use of those two little chompers mummy says.

Ophelia is so much fun at the moment. I make her laugh the most, anytime I come up to her she giggles. She is very ticklish, she is can sit on her own and she rolls all around the floor. She actually gets up on all fours and rocks, daddy says that Ophelia will crawl very soon. Which means I will have to be more careful with what toys I leave out. Baby O is now eating solid food. Sticking with the Halloween theme, mummy made her Pumpkin but she didn’t like it as much as sweet potato or banana. As weeks have passed she has tried apple, avocado, celeriac, carrot and parsnip.

The other day we were meant to have a hurricane, so daddy got us up early and we went to Hyde park. We had a quick brekky in South Kensington and then we walked over to the park to feed the ducks. Mummy got out her new phone and we had an impromptu family photoshoot. It was a really nice morning, running through the park, feeding the ducks, chasing the squirrels and kicking the autumn leaves. It was such a fun morning but I was exhausted by the time I got home.

Which is your favourite season?

H x












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  1. Oh Harlow, Autumn over there looks so lovely with all the different coloured leaves and your having so much fun, I love the pics mummy took….it dosnt look like that where Nanny lives but my favourite time of the year is Spring when it’s not too cold and not too hot and there is new growth on trees and everything is bright green there are beautiful flowers everywhere and birds are collecting twigs and leaves to make their nests to lay eggs and bring up their baby chicks, I love hearing their little chirps for their parents to give them food.. Yes Spring time is my favourite time…

    Love you lots my darling girl, give Mummy, Daddy and baby O a big kiss and cuddles for me..

  2. Hi Harlow andvOphelia ,
    You all look like you had a lot of fun with the autum leaves and feeding the ducks ,we love the colours of autum ,but I think my favorite season is summer ,I love the hot weather ,going sailing,and swimming and walking along the beach
    But then again I love to go skiing in the winter ,but I don’t like the cold unless I’m at the snow ,that’s a bit silly isn’t it .
    Looking forward to having you spend some fun in the sun with us in January

  3. Hi Harlow and Ophelia,
    looks like you were all having a great time in the leaves, GNan used love seeing all the autum leaves coming down , it brings back lots lovely memory’s of London and seeing you with ducks , GDad and I used to spend lots time there when we were young, on a Sunday.looking forward seeing you all very soon love GDad GNanxxxxx

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