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Party season pampering


Well it’s that time of year again – lots of special xmas parties and photos being taken so I treated myself to a MAKEOVER!! well almost, I started with a new haircut and lets face it, it was long overdue! the last professional haircut I had was over 9 months ago!

What do you think? Did she do a good job?

H x
H Haircut 2

H Haircut 3

H Haircut

H pizza

‘A’ List celebrity!


I am the luckiest girl in the world… The other day Mama took me Christmas shopping and we spotted an A list Celebrity!! You wouldn’t believe me if I told you so we got photo proof…. see for yourself. We met Santa Claus!!

This is way better than Mama’s celeb spot the other week…. who do you think is the bigger celeb?

H x

Mama’s Celebrity spot:
Lady Gaga

My ‘A’ List celebity:
2013 Santa Photo


Dear Santa


Mummy helped me write a letter to Santa the other day. I wrote to him telling him if I made the good list there are a few things I would like. We stuck the letter in an envelope, addressed to the North Pole and then we walked up the street and put it in the big red letter box. I can’t wait for Santa to read it.

This year I asked him for:
Disney outfits
Winter clothes
Summer clothes – for my holiday in Australia

I know it looks like I asked for a lot but to be honest I just wanted to ask for chocolate but mummy said that I should give him some more options…

What did you put on your xmas list this year?

H x (if you click on my photo you can see me in action)


Ophelia is crawling


My sister Ophelia is 7 months old. When I was 7 months we had already moved to London and I was sitting up on my own and to get around I would roll. But my sister is so clever not only is she is sitting up really straight and rolls around in every direction she is saying ‘Mama’ planking and best of all crawling!

Mummy said it took me a bit longer to crawl, I was over 8 months old…. Ophelia started crawling two weeks ago already!

Here is a little video of my clever little crawling sister.

H x

Halloween 2013


Oops this blog is about a month and a half over due…. Halloween flashback

I know Halloween has been and gone weeks ago but we have been a bit quiet on the blogs lately so I have a little bit of catching up to do. This year mummy didn’t go overboard and buy us outrageous costumes, we kept it simple. We made some Jack’o’lanterns and put them out the front, we hung a glow in the dark skeleton and bought lots of lollies in case we had some trick or treaters knock on our door.

I had never gone trick or treating before but at nursery they decided to take us out in our Halloween costumes. It was fun knocking on the doors around in and around our street and yelling ‘Trick or Treat’! I worked out that you got more lollies from the homes that had jack’o’lanterns out the front.

When mummy picked me up from nursery we knocked on a few more doors on our way home. I have never seen so many lollies. The other part of Halloween I enjoyed was when kids knocked on our front door and I gave them lollies. There were so many scary outfits – skeletons, pirates, ghosts and witches. For weeks mummy and I talked about dressing me up as the big bad wolf and we were going to put Ophelia in a piggy outfit – The three little pigs is my favourite book at the moment. However we couldn’t find a cool wolf outfit so I dressed up as the Halloween fairy.

What did you dress up as for Halloween?

H x