‘A’ List celebrity!


I am the luckiest girl in the world… The other day Mama took me Christmas shopping and we spotted an A list Celebrity!! You wouldn’t believe me if I told you so we got photo proof…. see for yourself. We met Santa Claus!!

This is way better than Mama’s celeb spot the other week…. who do you think is the bigger celeb?

H x

Mama’s Celebrity spot:
Lady Gaga

My ‘A’ List celebity:
2013 Santa Photo



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  1. of Course it has to be Santa Claus, love photos of you all with Santa, did you remind him that you and Ophelia have. Both been very good girls so I’ve been told,, and that you sent him a letter with yours and Ophelia’s list,I wonder if Mummy had a word or two with him as well? Lots love to you all GNan GDadxxx

  2. It’s Santa for sure ,love the photo of you and Ophelia with Santa ,Were you trying to do a Miley Cyrus with that tongue ? I hope not !!
    Not long until Christmas now ,so make sure you stay extra good or mummy and Daddy
    Love you all lots
    Love Omi and Poppy xxx

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