Happy Easter!


Did the Easter Bunny visit you this Sunday? We got a big loot. He was very generous and hid them very well most likely because I was good all year and left him some carrots and water – hiding chocolate eggs is thirsty work. Most of the eggs were very easy to find but others I had to look a little bit harder or have mummy and daddy help me. He bought me chocolate of all shapes and sizes, but my favourite of all was a big bunny that has little smartie eggs inside so you can shake it around like a rattle. Ophelia liked that one the best as well. It was her first Easter so I had to help her find most of her eggs. She wasn’t very good at finding them.

I would have ended up with a lot more eggs as the Easter Bunny hid some of my eggs outside. However when we finally got around to looking for them in the rain, they were gone! We think Mr Fox ate them all.

H x


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