Brighton Beach


Today was a beautiful day and hopefully one of many. It’s been a slow start to the spring and summer here but hopefully today is a hint of what is to come. The day was so lovely I was reminiscing the fun beach days I had in Australia. I loved playing in the water and on the sand. A few weeks ago when Aunty Jess and Uncle Pat were visiting we went to an English beach. This was my first visit to Brighton beach and I was surprised to see a few differences to what I was expecting. Firstly there was no sand!! Secondly the weather is nothing like down under!!

The day we went to Brighton was so much fun! It was just after Easter, we met Uncle Albert and Brenda there and had fish and chips on the pebble beach. We had pockets of sunshine, I hope Aunty Jess was impressed!After the fish and chips we walked along the pier and went on the all the fun rides. It was such a fun day. I really miss Aunty Jess and Uncle Pat!



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