Every day is a school day.


The time has finally come, my first day of reception. Mummy, daddy, Ophelia and Monkey walked me to school. It was a big send off!

I have been talking about my first day for weeks! I had tried on my uniform about 3 times and I wasn’t nervous at all, just bursting with excitement.

I have a new teacher, her name is Mrs Harper. She looks like she is going to be lots of fun.

I barely noticed mummy and daddy shed a tear as they kissed me goodbye and watched their little girl growing up before their eyes as I opened the door to my new classroom – I was just too thrilled and interested to see how big school is different to nursery to care what they were doing.

Don’t you love my Uniform?? I think I look very smart in it.










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  1. Wow !wow! How proud are we , so grown up , im sure Harlow will have such a wonderful time and learning so much in the next few years , Michelle those photos really captured all the excitement , love the one of harlow running , she is bursting with excitement , love and hugs to you all xxx

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