History repeats itself


When I got my new bunk bed daddy and mummy made me promise not to jump around on the top and to take extra care when I climb up and down the ladder. At first I was very careful and would go up and down very slowly, but then I got really confident using the ladder so I stopped being as careful. I love my bunk bed but I don’t really like going to sleep, I prefer playing, especially when my little sister joins me up top and sometimes she even falls asleep up there and we share my bed. So Daddy told me a story about my Aunty Jen, when she was little like me, she was being naughty on her top bunk and she fell off and broke her arm. I think daddy told me this to scare me a little and make sure I was being careful. Lets just say…. it didn’t work.

Last night whilst mummy and daddy were about to sit down to a juicy burger they heard a loud thud followed by some almighty screaming. I bet you have guessed what happened. I fell down the ladder and banged my arm and they knew just from looking at it, it was broken. At first when daddy told me we had to go to the hospital I was scared and I didn’t want to go, but then mummy told me we were going for an Friday night adventure. So I got in the taxi and we drove to Chelsea Westminster Hospital. Mummy talked to me the whole way telling me how brave I was and how every one at school was going to want paint or write on my cast.

I had the prettiest and nicest nurse look after me, her name was Nurse Ally. She was lovely and very gentle with my arm. I went into a room and they took photo’s of my bones which we could see, were very much broken. Doctor Will  (who mummy said was also very ‘nice’) told me that the Orthopaedic surgeon will try to move my bones back into place, it was going to hurt a lot but as I was being so brave they knew I would be able to handle it. They gave me lots of delicious strawberry flavoured medicine and they went to work to fix my arm. It was so painful but I was super brave. Luckily the surgeon managed to manipulate the bones back into place and after another arm selfie and a full plaster cast we were sent home. It had been a long night so I was pretty tired and fell straight asleep on the taxi ride home.

Have you ever broke any bones?


Sad face :(

Sad face 😦

It wasn't hard for mummy to diagnose the break

It wasn’t hard for mummy to diagnose the break

Waiting for Dr Will to look at my arm and take some photo's.

Waiting for Dr Will to look at my arm and take some xrays

Morphine kicks in.... sleeptime

Morphine kicks in…. sleeptime

Before (R) and after (L)

Before (R) and after (L)

Before (L) After (R)

Before (L) After (R)

2015-10-02 23.27.31

Ready to go home

Ready to go home


About Harlow London Stanley

With a lot of help from my mummy, I am writing this blog to help my friends and family stay in touch with me when we move to London in a few weeks. I am going to miss everyone and I am not very good at writing emails and I can't talk yet, so skype can be difficult. So we thought this would be the most fun way for everyone to see what I am up to. At the moment I am almost 6 months old so there are few big milestones ahead of me, teeth, crawling, walking and talking are just a few that I hope to master this year. All of my family will be home in Australia and will miss these amazing moments, so I promise to post them with pictures, videos and little diary entries as soon as they happen.

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  1. oh Harlow you brave girl, GDad and I have just been looking at all pics Mummy has taken your arm, hope you get better soon lots hugs kisses GNan GDadxxxx

  2. Just opened Facebook and the first thing I see is our gorgeous girl with a broken arm , Omi just wants to give you the biggest hug and tell you how brave you are , so mummy will have to hug you for us and give you big kisses from us to our brave girl , love you lots gorgeous girl xxxx

  3. Hi Michelle . It looks like history repeats .I remember when you fell of Melissa playing horse ride . Harlow looks so brave tell her I am very proud of her . Love to you all Oma. Xxxx

    Sent from Elsa’s iPad


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