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Rising Star.

Rising Star.

Now that I am in reception, and I am such a big grown up girl, we do all sorts of things that are different to nursery. On Tuesdays we attend a school assembly. This is when the whole school gets together and one of the classes does a performance. If you are in the audience you must be quiet and listen but if its your classes turn to perform you stand up in front of everyone and say a line.

I had a starring role this year. I was the ‘cow’ and my line was simply ‘Moo. I had to say ‘Moo’ perfectly, twice! Needless to say, I nailed it!

H x

Mummy can’t post the video of my ‘outstanding’ Moo as the school doesn’t let us post pics on social media – shhh don’t tell anyone about these photo’s. wp-1459443548666.jpgwp-1459443504592.jpg



First in, First out


Back in 2011 I wrote one of my first blogs about my first tooth appearing. Mummy didn’t even notice it! Well this time 5 years later I can tell you I have now LOST my first tooth. That’s right, I am not a baby anymore!

In the last two week, shortly after I went to the dentist and he told me how lovely my teeth are, I complained to Mama that my tooth in the front was wobbly. She thought I was a bit young to lose any teeth but looked anyway. To her surprise (and mine) I not only had one lose tooth, I had two! One was extremely wobbly and the other had a bit of give either way you pushed it.

About a week later after discovering two wobbly teeth out pops one of them right in the middle of my school dinner. Luckily I didn’t swallow it or choke for that matter. I showed Mr Lawrence and he told me to keep it safe and bring it home for the tooth fairy.

So I did that. I was super proud and couldn’t wait to show my mummy and daddy. I was so fascinated by this tooth I kept playing with it, only to lose it before Mama and Daddy got home.  Mummy said she thought the tooth fairy must have come early and took it when I was playing so I didn’t lose it after-all.

That night the tooth fairy came whilst I was sleeping and she left me £2. So when mummy asked if I was going to save or spend the £2 what do you think I said??



All lit up


The other weekend Mummy and Daddy took myself, Ophelia and my friend Zahra to see the Magical Lantern festival at Chiswick House.  It was incredible!

It felt like we walked for miles and there were all sorts of lanterns that were made to look like animals and flowers. Mummy’s favourite were the Kangaroo’s but I think I liked the peacocks the most – I bet you can guess which animal was Ophelia’s favourite.

What a fun night we had! I was lucky as my friend Zahra got to sleep over and we had my favourite dinner – fish and chips!

H x

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