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Daddy’s summer surprise


A photo a day keeps the doctor away.


I love the camera

I don’t really have much to report this week. So I thought I would update with a few photo’s instead.  We had a very quiet weekend and our internet is still not working and mummy still doesn’t have a phone.

Bath time!

Chilling in my cool pink bath seat










Doing the lizard

On Monday I had an appointment with a Child Modeling Agency – Scallywags.  Mummy had sent my photo’s to a few agencies and we heard back from two who were interested in seeing me.  Scallywags seemed very professional, so mummy decided to book our interview with them.  They didn’t chat to us long, but they took a couple of photo’s of me.  Mummy was standing behind the photographer trying to make me smile, I gave them a half effort not my full cheeky smile.  Either way whatever I did worked and mummy got an email today saying they would like me to go on their books.  So you never know, I might be in the next gurgle or baby vogue or something very soon.

Not my best model face, but I can't smize all the time










Mummy booked me into another musical/playtime lesson today with a group called Hartbeeps.  It was loads of  fun and mummy bought her camera with her today so she took some photo’s of me playing with other kids.  We made a new friend today, Raindrop and her daddy Oge.  They are from America and recently moved to London for her mummy’s work.  Mummy and I went out to lunch with Oge and Raindrop and next week we are going to a music session with Gymboree.

Playing with my new friend - Raindrop








Playing on the beach ball at Hartbeeps










More fun at Hartbeeps


I follow mummy all around the apartment now and I am gettingvery good at going from crawling to sitting myself up.  I get a little tired so I need that rest and I just sit and watch mumy cook or do whatever she is doing.  Last night I was sitting near the coffee table and I got up on my knees and tried to pull myself up.  Mummy was getting very excited and was egging me on but I gave up after a couple of efforts.  It shouldn’t be long till I can pull myself up, especially as mummy has bought me some new toys to help me learn to stand and walk.

Come and get me!


We had an update from Virgin Media today and unfortuantely it looks like our internet problem won’t be fixed for another month! How ridiculous, but it doesn’t matter how much ranting and raving mummy does, it won’t get them out here to fix the problem any quicker so we just have to perservere with free Wifi at Starbucks.

Playing in the grass at Cheltenham

H x


London Calling


Sorry everyone, I haven’t forgotten about you, our internet has had some problems and won’t be properly back up and running until Monday. So here’s a quick update…

I have been in London now for a week and it’s already been pretty massive.  When we arrived I had my first black cab ride all the way from Heathrow Airport to Morden.  We have been staying with mummy and daddy’s friends Joanna, Jason, Henry and Lucille.  I really enjoyed it as Henry had lots of toys for me to play with.  Henry kept calling me ‘Baby Harlow’ and mummy was ‘Mummy Harlow’ and daddy was ‘Daddy Harlow’.  He was lots of fun.  Daddy was excited as he is working for Jason doing the Loft conversions.  He is happy to get back into work but we have missed him this week.

The weather (which I know is on everyone’s minds) has been lovely.  Everyone warned me about how cold it is in London but we have had nothing but nice weather.  In fact it has been so good that I have still worn some of my summer dresses.  Although mummy did buy me a very warm beanie and made me wear it on one of those hot days, because I looked so cute! I think everyone on facebook thought it was freezing over here because I looked a bit grumpy in my hat, but I was just hot!

On Thursday Nathan and Nikki came to London to visit us.  Nathan is playing Rugby for Gloucester and is spending about 6 weeks living in Cheltenham.  Mummy said it is really nice out that way in the English countryside and she is looking forward to visiting them as they have a nice big house with plenty of beds for us to stay.  So Nathan and Nikki came to visit and we had planned to show Nikki around London, It was both mine and Nikki’s first time in London, so mummy and Nathan were playing tour guide.  Our first stop was to visit Harrod’s; the store with everything! Mummy mapped out our route but we had a few hiccups.  We caught the overland train to Wimbledon station, then the tube to Earls Court.  At Earls court we were meant to catch the Piccadilly line to Knightsbridge but there was a trespasser on the track, so we had to catch the big red Bus.  That wasn’t a problem except that mummy put us on a bus going in the wrong direction.  So after about 90mins and a change of direction we finally arrived at Harrods.

My first Tube ride and I wasn't scared to go underground at all.

On the big red bus going the wrong way

Getting cuddles from Nikki and the Big Harrods Bear

WOW!! What a beautiful and magnificent store. It was huge and so grand.  Nathan was super hungry and we all felt like Pizza, well I didn’t mummy had mashed up 5 bean mix for me….yuck! After Pizza we had a little wonder around, we went to the Chanel exhibition, the Pet store – there were lots of nice things for Cherry-Garcia in there.  Luckily mummy kept her hands in her pockets and walked out with a full wallet, although there were plenty of nice things in there, they definitely come at a cost, an expensive one.  Sorry Cherry, you miss out but we got some lovely ideas for Christmas (if your a good puppy for Omi and Poppy).

We couldn’t leave Harrods without stopping in the Ice-creamery.  Nikki and Nathan each had a huge Sundae with lots of Ice cream and hot fudge sauce, it looked amazing, but as usual I wasn’t allowed any.

Nikki and Nathan at Morelli's Ice creamery

Following our visit to Harrods we took a nice walk through Hyde Park.  Nathan said that last time he walked through here it was in the middle of winter and it was super cold.  There was a winter wonderland set up with Ice-skating and German markets, and they ran into a D –list celebrity: Peter Andre.  Today however, was a lot warmer, it was like a beautiful summer’s day and no celebrity spotting for us.

Nikki was very excited to see Buckingham Palace, so we took a walk through Green Park and found our way out the front of the gigantic building.   It was very exciting to see where the Royal family visit when they come to London, and where Prince William and Kate had their first kiss as husband and wife (I watched the wedding with my G-nan and G-Dad in Coomera).  Mummy and I got lots of photo’s but I missed daddy.  We have been a little bit lonely now that he is back at work, we had so much fun together as a family when we were in Italy.  I like having him around all the time.  We will have to bring daddy next time so we can get some photos of the three of us.

Buckingham Palace

On the way home, we squished into the tube like sardines in a can and I made funny faces at all the strangers.  I was making lots of people laugh, probably the highlight of their day after a dull day at work.  To be honest I was exhausted and I pretty much fell straight asleep as soon as we got home.

Friday mummy got her hair done with Joanna and Daddy looked after Henry and I.  The weekend ahead is going to be pretty epic so I’ll save that for the next post.

H x


My friend, my love, my David.


I got in touch with my cultural side today.  Mummy had a very artistic day planned for us, firstly we took the road right outside of our hotel down to Ponte Vecchio.  Ponte Vecchio is a medievil bridge crossing the Arno River, it was once the main route into the city centre.

The Arno River

Fun Fact # 3:  Ponte Vecchio means Old Bridge.  The Bridge was originally made out of wood but a flood in 1333 destroyed it.  Today it is built of stone and is lined with leather and jewelry shops, hawking their craft learned through the ages.

When mummy was at school, her favourite subject was art and she wasn’t too bad at it.  She had 2 favourite artworks, one of those was Sandro Botticelli’s ‘Birth of Venus’.  This was next on our cultural tour of Florence.  It is located in the Uffizi Gallery, a 16th century building which was the first museum open to the public, making this the oldest Museum in the world.  There is a whole room dedicated to Botticelli’s works.  I have to admit, this museum was a bit dull for a little baby and everyone is so quiet.  For one normally quiet baby, I found my voice here and it echoes!

Birth of Venus

We took a walk past the Bargello – the medieval palace and then carried onto the Piazza Duomo which was quite impressive. It is massive and very different to the Duomo in Milan and Venice as it has a more gothic style to it.   We spent a little bit of time here as mummy was trying all different settings on her camera, she has been embracing her inner tourist.  A quick ice coffee for mummy and daddy and milk for me and we moved onto the Accedemia Galleria.  The home of Michelangelo’s statue of ‘David’. WOW! What a man.  The statue is HUGE! It has definitely been a highlight of the day, I can’t believe I have seen so many famous works of art in one day.

Hanging out near the Duomo


We had to really call it a day after seeing The birth of Venus and David, I mean lets be honest everything else would have been a bit underwhelming.  So we walked through the leather markets and took an unplanned detour home to our Hotel.  We finished our day with one more sightseeing opportunity.  Luckily enough we are staying right next to one, the Piazza Santa Maria Novella another gothic piece of architecture.

Mummy and daddy had a Brontosaurus steak dinner that would make Omi and Sally’s Dino steaks look like lamb cutlets.  We met some lovely people travelling from India on our way home, they gave me lots of cuddles.  Once again I have been very popular, not to blow my own trumpet.  I am about to get into my cot and have a nice sleep before our adventure tomorrow. Stayed tuned…. I am giving nothing away.

When mummy said I could try some steak, I didn't think she meant I could eat a whole cow.

My new friend, Manjula

H x

Whirlwind week


My goodness what a week!! I have been so busy mummy and I have barely had a chance to update everyone on what we are doing.

On Wednesday I had a trip into the city with Omi and mummy, we had to go in and pick up G-Nan and G-Dad, they had been on a cruise ship for 10 days. It was a lovely day so we drove in a little bit earlier and had some time to walk around the city and see some of Sydneys beautiful landmarks.  The Harbour Bridge is so big!  Mummy used to work right near Circular Quay so we popped into her old work, to say hello to her friends. Mummy was proudly showing me off and I loved every minute of it. I was on on my best behaviour and gave everyone lots of cheeky smiles.

G-nan and G-dad had been on a cruise for 10 days and I hadn’t seen them since the last time we were on the Gold Coast.  They always give me the biggest hugs and kisses. I was very spoilt that night with Oma, G-nan and G-dad all showering me with affection.

It's a G-Sandwich

Mummy had a pamper day on Thursday so Omi, G-nan and G-dad looked after me.  I was a good girl for most of the day except when they tried to feed me my vegetables.  I only like it when mummy feeds me, sometimes daddy gets some spoonfuls in my mouth but not as often as mummy.  Omi tried to teach me how to crawl and with a little bit of help I can get to my toys on the other side of the room.  I am so clever, mummy will be chasing after me in no time.  It was Oma’s last night visiting me so we went out for dinner to the German restaurant.  I can’t wait for the day I can eat schnitzels and dumplings like everyone else.  They looked delicious!

I love my Nanny Mindy

On Friday Nanny Mindy flew down from Bribie Island to see me. We picked her up from the station and bought her back here to Omi’s house.  Daddy only worked half a day so we could all hang out together.  We had a nice lunch together and then we drove her to St Mary’s to see Aunty Dianne.  Nanny Mindy was very proud of my new tooth and she bought me cute cuddly Koala bear.

My new Koala Bear.... Thanks Nanny Mindy









Mummy and daddy are so busy packing up our flat.  They got lots of things done on Saturday but there is still so much more to do.  We had a little bit of a farewell dinner on Saturday night at West Leagues club.  It was nothing too big and crazy but it was a nice way to see some our close family friends before we take off.

Only 4 more sleeps till we go.

H x

P.S I have another tooth!