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My first trip to the Hospital


After I finished my blog last night before bed and had my bottle, I had an hours sleep only to wake up and vomit everywhere again.  Daddy cleaned me up and mummy cleaned up the mess, thank you mummy and daddy.  They checked my temperature and it was very high again and I was burning up so they decided to drive me to the Hammersmith Hospital.  They were really good there, we only had to wait a couple of mins and the nurse put something in my ear and gave me some medicine. I didn’t like it at all, these strangers touching me! Daddy held me very close and tried to reassure me it was going to be ok and that they were very nice strangers.

Then we saw the doctor and he tried to look down my throat and check my breathing with a very cold round thing.  I didn’t like this either and I screamed and cried very loudly.  Luckily my temperature started to come down and I was feeling a little bit sleepy.  The doctor told me my throat was quite red and it could be a throat infection, so he wrote out a prescription for a bunch of medicines.  I hate taking medicine!! It tastes disgusting, YUCK! Poor mummy has to wrestle me down like a crocodile just to get some of it in my mouth.

When we got home I went to straight sleep and had a nice big sleep in this morning.  I am feeling a bit better.  Mummy said we won’t be going to swimming lessons today 😦 It’s not very nice outside either so I think we are going to have a warm doona day inside. I hope I perk up a bit for Australia Day tomorrow.

H x


Chompers and Ciara’s


BIG news….. I have a tooth!  I was coming home from my cousin Ciara’s 1st Birthday party and was sucking on a rusk when mummy noticed scratch marks on the rusk, she put two and tooth together to see a baby front tooth has pushed through my bottom gum.  Wow I am a such big girl! I can’t wait to show it off to all my friends at my baby group.

It’s been a busy few days since my last post.  Daddy was sick on Thursday and stayed home from work so I got to spend the whole day with him and mummy. We had a lazy day inside although mummy was being super organised and started to put all our things on ebay and pack up our belongings in preparation for our move. On thursday night she advertised our car for sale online and sold it Friday morning, that’s got to be some kind of record.  Friday was a beautiful warm day.  Cherry G’s best dog friends Maya and Zeus came over for a play date, so I sat outside and played in the sunshine with Sally and mummy and watched them run around the property.

Oma – that is my great grandma – drove all the way from Coffs Harbour yesterday. She came down with my aunt Doris and cousin Benjamin to spend some time with me before we go and for my cousin Ciara’s 1st birthday party, which was today.  Today was my 4th birthday party this year! It was lots of fun.  I played with Ciara’s toys and got lots of cuddles from everyone.  Ciara gave me some cool tips on how to crawl and stand, she is really good at it.  Aunty Kylie made the best cake I have ever seen, I hope mummy gets some tips for my first birthday party. Poppy came along as well and drove us home, I was exhausted and slept the whole way.

Some sort of Magic birthday cake

As far as I know we don’t have a lot planned for tomorrow. I imagine there will more packing and organising, a few cuddles with oma and more practise sitting up with out help from mummy or daddy.

I hope your having an eventful and fun weekend. Enjoy this beautiful sunshine.

H x