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All lit up


The other weekend Mummy and Daddy took myself, Ophelia and my friend Zahra to see the Magical Lantern festival at Chiswick House.  It was incredible!

It felt like we walked for miles and there were all sorts of lanterns that were made to look like animals and flowers. Mummy’s favourite were the Kangaroo’s but I think I liked the peacocks the most – I bet you can guess which animal was Ophelia’s favourite.

What a fun night we had! I was lucky as my friend Zahra got to sleep over and we had my favourite dinner – fish and chips!

H x

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My first Nativity Play


Yesterday daddy took me to school for the first time. I was so excited to show him my classroom and for him to meet all my new friends and my little boyfriend Benjamin.  Daddy took me to school today because I had something even more special to show him…. my first nativity play. I was in a starring role – Angel. I was one of three Angels and have been spending time with Hayley practising my songs, the actions and my very important line. I had been practising so much as I didn’t want to mess up my first time on stage.

Mummy and daddy came along and were lucky enough to get a seat in the front row. Here is the video of my very first performance in front of a live audience.

Merry Christmas!

H x

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Best bits 2013


The most entertaining part of my blog, the annual video you have all been waiting for is finally ready!!!

Welcome to my best bits of 2013. I had a brilliant year – I went skiing, I started nursery, I got a new sister and went on a summer holiday and made some new friends. These are just a few of my favourite parts of 2013, I hope my video gives you a little insight of how I spent the year and how much fun I had. I hope you have fun watching it.

I am off to Australia in two weeks – with a summer holiday to start the year it looks like 2014 is going to be as much fun as 2013, if not better!! Can’t wait to see all my friends, family and fans. See you all soon.

H x


Autumn Days 2013


Butterfly World


A week in Pictures


Its been a super busy week this week. It started like any normal week …..

Monday – Nursery day





Tuesday we met Bec, Oliver and Luca at the Natural History museum to see the Dinosaurs


Wednesday we met up with Sarah and Charlie. It was great to see them as it’s been 9 months since they moved to Dubai



Thursday I went to Nursery but Ophelia had a very interesting day, she rolled over for the first time from her tummy to her back.


Friday – we met up with mummy’s godmother Di at Jamie Olivers Fifteen Restaurant. Di has been travelling around England, Scotland and Wales for the last month. It was great to see her, she bought me and O two Aussie books. I love reading books!



Saturday – Since Sarah, Matt and Charlie are visiting from Dubai, the old Chiswick gang met up for a picnic at Kew Gardens.






Sunday – Mummy and Daddy took us both to Brentford Lakes Leisure centre for Ophelia’s first swim. I got a chance to practise my swimming and go on the big slide. Whilst Ophelia had a little kick about in the baby pool. She loved it!




H x

Happy 2nd Anniversary


This is two weeks late but…. better late than never….

I just wanted to celebrate 2 years of blogging. Well done me! It’s been a wonderful and exciting adventure so far and I don’t think life is going to slow down any time soon, so please keep following me. This will be my 127th post to date.

Thank you to everyone who reads and follows my blog.

Happy Anniversary!

H x

Just updating my blog.

Just updating my blog.