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What a funny name for a Town! There really are some funny names for towns in Australia.

We have moved on from Nelson Bay and ventured north. We are now residing in Urunga, a small beachy town south of Coffs Harbour.  Why are we here?? My Oma and Aunty Carol live nearby.

We had so much fun in Nelson Bay, I’m the last few days we did some more fishing, we sailed, we swam, we fed some Kangaroo’s and we went yabbying.  
I have so many pictures to show from the animal farm but my Aunty Mel took those ones on her camera so you’ll have to wait a little bit till mummy can get them.

At first I was a little unsure of these hoppy Kangaroo’s. Most of them were bigger than me and they had no awareness of personal space but after a while i warmed to them. Mummy and Ophelia loved them. My favourite animal were the Koala’s. They just chilled in a tree and let us pat them. They are so furry and cute.

On Saturday Heike and David came to visit us. It was a really nice day on the boat and Poppy got the bbq going and Heike and David were not the only visitors we had on Saturday, we had some dolphins stop by and say hello on our way back to the Marina. 

Australia day was lots of fun. It was a beautiful sunny day and the water was calling us so we sailed over to a little beach and moared.  My Omi took Ava and I in the Kayak, she did all the hard work to get us to shore and she did a good job, it didn’t take long and we didn’t fall in.

Once we were on shore, we all had a paddle and splash then Poppy whipped out this interesting contraption.  It sucked up the sand then he would push it out again and in the sand he sucked up we had to sift through and look out for Yabbies.  Yabbies are great fish bait so we collected a whole bucket full so we could do lots of fishing in the afternoon.  Mummy took a video of us doing it becuase she was very proud of me holding these little critters. They were funny, they had one big claw and they didn’t stop wriggling!

It was sad to say goodbye to my Aunty Melissa and my cousins but I had so much fun with them all week. They are all so much fun and I really love Omi and Poppy’s boat.

So now we are in Urunga and the fun has definitely not stopped….. but I will keep you in suspense because I heard we are doing something really fun tomorrow. So I will tell you all about the next part of my trip then.

H x





Happy Australia Day!


Happy Australia Day everyone! Sorry my well wishes are a little late for Australia time but I am sure you all had a great day, I wish I was there to join you. I hope the weather cleared up back home and all my family and friends were able to celebrate Australia day properly – snags on the barbie, fresh prawns, pavlova and listening to the triple J hottest 100 (yes, I am very cool and I know all about this, mummy told me all about it and we used to listen to triple J in the car when we were in Oz). I would have voted for anything by ‘Foster the people’ or ‘Lana Del Rey’ for top spot but I already know who won, as we were on the phone to my Aunty Jen.

I had a big sleep in this morning as I am feeling much better.  I was sick again last night when mummy gave me my medicine but I am feeling fine today.  When I woke up mummy dressed me up straight away in a nice red shirt with an Australian flag and the words ‘Australian, born and bred’.  I think I look quite cool, so I grabbed my Koala bear (from Nanny Mindy) and asked mummy to take some photo’s of me.

What do you think? Do I look very Australian?

At the moment we are watching the Australian open, then we are going for a walk outside – it’s a beautiful day here in London. I think mummy is going to cook a meat pie for dinner and make pavlova for dessert, she has even promised to make a baby friendly version for me too. I can’t wait to eat my first meat pie, I’ve heard how yummy they are.

Mummy reminded me also that it is a very good friends Birthday today, he is so lucky he gets to share his birthday with such an awesome country day. Happy Birthday Leroy!

What did you do to celebrate Australia day?

H x