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Harlow’s Australian Vacation video


I have been home from Australia for a while now. It sounds like we had a lucky escape because the weather here in London whilst we were away was extreme! Floods and hurricane winds, meanwhile back in Australia we were relaxing by the pool or beach in the beautiful sunshine.

We had such an amazing time. It was literally jam packed full of fun! We did so many different things and caught up with so many friends and family. Mummy had a chance to see her friends and relax most days whilst Omi and Poppy entertained Ophelia and I. The last week we were on the Gold coast visiting all of daddy’s family, we stayed in a huge house with a pool. I went swimming 2-3 times a day! Australia is so warm, I think I would love to live there one day, but for now its great to have a big holiday there.

I was also lucky enough to celebrate my 3rd birthday. The day of my birthday I woke up early and the lounge room was filled with decorations, balloons and lots of presents from my Omi and Poppy, Oma, Nanny Mindy, Mama and my Aunty Jen. After I opened all my presents, Omi made some delicious pancakes for breakfast. Mama made a smiley face out of cream and strawberries, it was delish!

In the afternoon I had a mermaid party at the Pirate park in Currumbin. This place was the coolest park I had ever been to. It had a huge playground which included a Pirate ship and a beach just behind the park. Poppy got straight on Barbie to cook the snags whilst I played with all my friends and family. Mama had a few games planned which got everyone involved and provided a lot of entertainment. I got lots of mermaid presents and we played some really cool games. At the end of the day I had a huge rainbow birthday cake!! The whole day was a massive success, I think everyone had fun, especially me!

Mama and I would like to thank everyone who made our holiday special. Omi and Poppy get the biggest thank you as they flew over there and really spoilt us the whole time. Everyone made such a huge effort to come and see us where ever we were. I loved seeing all my family – I never realised how big my family is. My birthday was probably the coolest day ever, I can’t thank you all enough for coming out to celebrate with me and especially for all the pressies. In fact I got so spoilt we struggled to fit everything in our suitcases.

We took so many photo’s and videos that if we were to post them all you would be here all weekend. So Mama has kindly put together a video of our 3 week holiday in our home country. I hope you have as much fun watching it as we had fun on our trip.
H x


Return to Oz


I promise this is not about the sequel to wizard of Oz, although mum says it’s a brilliant movie (never heard of it) this post is about our amazing trip to Oz to visit our family.

We took a very long plane ride via Dubai to visit some friends – the Tominey’s!! We landed in Oz two days ago and spent a wonderful.morning in darling harbour then drove straight up to Nelson Bay where we are staying for the week.

The weather is fantastic!! I am not allowed out of the hotel unless I am covered head to toe in suncream..  don’t be fooled by my passport I am really an English Rose and will burnt immediately  in direct sun light.

Today I had a beautiful day on the beach near the marina with my cousins. They are so cool I am having so much fun with them. We played at the beach for a while then I went for a swim in the pool. I was swimming for almost an hour it was amazing!!

After dinner we saw some dolphins. Poppy took us kids for a walk to get a closer look and we spotted a seal eating a fish and playing in the water. 8th was so cool!! I am exhausted now and definitely have a bit of sleep to catch up on. Ophelia and I may have been angels on the flight but we definitely challenged mummy with our jet lag last night!

H x









You’ll never walk alone


Firstly I would like to thank everyone who has sent lovely messages about my video.  Mummy and I had fun putting it together and choosing the best bits of the year.  I must say, it was hard to choose all the little bits, mummy takes ALOT of photo’s and video’s of me.  It was really nice to hear everyones comments and see family reposting the video on Facebook. I have had a such an exciting first year and would like to thank everyone who follows my blog.

It has been a busy week for us.  Mummy is meant to be on a budget but I don’t know how she went this week as we went out for 3 lunches! On Tuesday we saw Jo (Pickles or as daddy calls her, Little Jo). We met up in Sloane square and had a lovely lunch at a little french place.  We sat on the longest table I have ever seen, it was HUGE.  Mummy had packed lots of treats for my lunch but I just wanted to eat cheese.  She doesn’t bother with getting the stringers anymore as I love all cheese, just like mummy.  We had a little wonder around the shops but Sloane Square is smack bang in the middle of Chelsea and unless your rich there isn’t a whole lot you can splash your cash on – especially when your on a budget!

On Wednesday we had a quiet day in, mummy really should have updated our blog then, but she can be a little lazy sometimes. Thursday we were meant to go to Rhyme time with some of my heartbeeps friends and mummies but it was cancelled so we went out for lunch instead.  I like going out to lunch with my heartbeeps friends.  William and Charlie are very nice and I think they like me too.  At first I was sitting close to mummy and she was giving me her crusts rom her pizza – my favourite.  Then the mummies moved us kids altogether which was alot more fun.  I sat next to Charlie – his mummy is Australian like my mummy and daddy.  We held hands for a little bit and I invited both of the boys to my birthday party in a couple of weeks.

Lunch with my Boy friends.

That is right, I turn 1 very soon.  I am already counting down the days and mummy is getting busy organising it.  As our little flat is a bit too small for a party so we have reserved an area in the local pub.  We go to this pub for lunch after hartbeeps every week and it is really nice.  They will section off an area and mummy has made plans for two big tables and a play area for the kiddies.  The other fun thing is that she has a theme for my party –  It’s a sweet shoppe theme.  I don’t know who the theme is for because I am not allowed sweets, so I think she thinks this is her first birthday party rather than mine.  She has promised to let me try my birthday cake which is very big for her, she doesn’t let me have any fun food! Pizza crust is my only vice.

Luke came over that Thursday afternoon and he had a surprise for me! It was an early birthday present and I was very happy about it.  He had just got back from Liverpool and he was lucky enough to go to Anfield and buy me my first Liverpool kit. I think G.Dad will be very impressed with my new kit.  Daddy was beaming with proudness when he arrived home and saw me in my gorgeous red outfit.  To be honest I really like it, but I am pretty sure it’s meant for boys and with my short hair I look alot like a little boy rather than a little girl.

Scouse Girl.

You'll never walk alone

Daddy's little girl












We have changed our hartbeeps day to Friday. So on Friday we went to the first session of the term.  It was so much fun and it was great to catch up with all the kids and hear all about their Christmas and new year.  I think I was the most spoilt, but everyone had a visit from Santa.  Kim (the teacher) was really happy to see me back as I always climb all over her and give her lots of smiles.  This term they have changed the theme and have added lots of new songs. We didn’t go to lunch today as mummy had things to do at home and she had already been out twice this week.

Kristy (Kiki – what mummy and Kristy are teaching me) is back from her holidays in Australia.  I was very happy to see her again and hear all about her adventures, back home.  It sounded like she had such a nice time, visiting the beach everyday, driving up to Byron bay and visitng some of our friends on the Gold coast.  She even met Ada (Heidi and Jason’s baby girl).  It was Julien’s first time in Australia, and he likes surfing so I think he had a really good time too. They were very lucky as the weather hasn’t been that nice back in Oz, but it cleared up especially for the three weeks they were there.  We met up in Balham for lunch at another french restaurant called Gazette.  Kristy and Julien go here alot and it’s a new favourite of mine aswell.  They have a nice area for mummies with babies, the tables are chalkboards and Kristy tried to teach me how to write my name however I was more interested in eating the chalk.  Mummy let me try her crepe and it was very tasty, as it had melted cheese in it. After lunch we went back to Kristy’s house to see Julien and hang out for a bit.  It was a really nice day and I was happy to Kiki again, I think my mummy missed her best friend.

Lunch with Kiki, teaching me how to write my name on the table.

Over Christmas we were supposed to visit Robyn and Chris, but sadly Robyn was very sick over Christmas and spent her Christmas in Hospital.  Then everyday we were meant to go down to see her, daddy had to work.  So we finally got a free day on Sunday to drive down to the New forest and visit.  Robyn and Chris have moved into a lovely house right in the country side.  When we arrived we had a little look at the view and I think mummy and daddy wanted to go for a bit of a hike and adventure but they wore the wrong shoes.  Robyn and Chris have mountain bikes so once mummy has her own bike with a seat for me, I think we might visit again for a mountain bike ride, it looked like there were lots of fun tracks around.  Robyn and Chris were very excited to see me and I showed them how well I can get around their house.  I also practised standing on my own with no help from anything or anyone.  I didn’t do too badly but I my bottom is a little tender after falling most of the time. We went out to a pub for lunch and I refused to eat any of it.  Mummy didn’t have any cheese either so I wasn’t the happiest of babies.  Luckily daddy couldn’t eat all his burger and shared his burger bun with me. I had a nice time visiting them and I really like the countryside, so I hope we visit more often, especially when I can walk and own a pair of Wellies (gumboots).

Robyn and Chris xx

What a week!!

H x