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Terrible two’s – not me!


Happy Birthday to me! It was my birthday on Saturday and I have been looking forward to it all week. There has been lots of deliveries at our door so I knew mummy had some special surprises and treats planned for me.  I am pretty sure some of those deliveries were presents as well.

Firstly on Friday night, although it was my birthday in the morning, mummy seemed to get a big present herself the night before – She got a car!! I guess I couldn’t complain as it benefits both of us as she will be driving me every where, to my friends houses and all the fun activities I like to get involved in. So in a funny way it was a present for me too, as now she won’t have any excuses not to take me to a swimming lesson because it’s raining.

Any way back to my birthday, and being another year older! I can’t believe how quickly another year has gone. I have achieved so much in one year – walking, talking, jumping and snowboarding not to mention being toilet trained and sleeping in my own big girl bed. I wonder what this year has in store for me.

I woke up fairly early as I was super excited that my big day had arrived. We also had so much to do today (you know what mummy is like leaving things to the last minute). When I woke up I jumped into bed with mummy and daddy and they smothered me with cuddles and kisses, then they took me into the lounge room and to my surprise they had decorated it like a big party, lots of balloons and bunting and best of a lounge full of PRESENTS!! I jumped straight on the lounge and got stuck into opening them.  It was so exciting, there were presents from family all over the world. Nanny Mindy got me a pink trampoline, Aunty Melissa bought me a Vets outfit, tools and a gardening kit, Mummy and daddy bought me a bouncing cow, some puzzles, books and some cooking utencils which confused me at first but then when I skyped Nan and Gdad I got another surprise. They had bought me a big play kitchen (sadly it wasn’t set up because mummy and daddy tried to put it together the night before only to find out it was broken, so I have to wait a little bit longer for that present, which I don’t mind, it just stretches my birthday out for longer).

I have to admit the trampoline was the most fun and I didn’t want to get off it well, not until mummy put a yummy plate of blueberry and ricotta smiley pancakes with ice cream and maple syrup on the table. YUM!! They went down a treat and she even made extra for daddy. Everyone back in Australia wanted to wish me happy birthday so I had a big Skype session whilst I ate my breakfast.

Mummy was rather frantic after breakfast, running around like a headless chook, we had to go to the shop, the post office – pick up this and that…. It was such a busy morning that I didn’t put up a fight when she told me I had to sleep so she could do some baking. I happily went for my lunchtime nap knowing that I would need all the energy I could find for my big birthday party in the afternoon.

When I woke up it was PARTY TIME!!! Woohoo!! I couldn’t wait to see my friends and have lots of fun. When I got there Mummy’s best friend Kiki was already there as she had help mummy set up and she gave me a big birthday cuddle.  I had my party at an Italian restaurant called Brickoven Milano in Chiswick.  It has a big playroom for kids like me and a separate party room.  Mummy and Kiki had decorated the party room full of balloons and Peppa big decorations – Peppa Pig is my favourite. Mummy must have been baking mad when I was asleep because the table was full of cup cakes and a big Chocolate and Raspberry cake, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it!

All my buddies from around Chiswick were at the party and all of mummy and daddy’s friends as well.  Most of the time I played in the playroom with Reece, William, Charlie, Ellia, Olivia and Amelia. I was running around having so much fun I barely saw Mummy and Daddy. I did manage to eat some the delicious Pizza that was on the table but I still had my eye on the prize – Birthday cake.

Finally it was time for CAKE! Everyone gathered around me and sang Happy Birthday. I had to blow out my candles and make a wish and then everyone gave me a clap.  It was so cool, I had such a great party.  Even after everyone had left, I still had all my presents to unwrap at home. It was such a special day and I am so glad I had my friends around to party with.  I am also lucky that I got to see my family in the morning via Skype. Although they are so far away it doesn’t feel that way when I can sit and eat my brekky whilst chatting to them, although I do miss the cuddles.

Thank you everyone who joined me at my party, you helped make my second birthday very special and a big Thank you to everyone for all my lovely gifts and cards, I was one very spoilt little girl. I won’t want to leave the house this week as I have so many new toys to play with.

H x



The Mega Blog

Just chilling out looking cool in Judes jimjams

Only 4 more sleeps till Santa visits and I can’t wait!! Mummy said I have been a very good girl all year so Santa will definitely come to visit.  Mummy on the other hand has been very naughty and hasn’t helped me catch up on my blogging so I don’t think Santa will leave her any presents under the tree.

Last time I blogged I fed Reindeer and I went shopping, well this week (2 weeks ago) was a super busy and interesting week for mummy and I.  As usual the start of the week was fairly quiet, it gives mummy time to do housework and grocery shopping etc. On the Wednesday when I woke up mummy wasn’t in bed like usual.  Daddy got me ready in the morning and packed my bag for the day and we went for a ride in the car.  Daddy said mummy had a big day in Norwich, learning how to take pictures of newborn babies.  She is always on photography websites and looking at newborn pictures, and so she thinks that one day she might like to make some money doing that and still get to spend plenty of time with me.  I think she mostly wants to do it so she can spoil me and buy me all the clothes and toys I want.  I didn’t go to work with daddy though, it’s way to dangerous with all his tools laying about the jobsite.  Hammers, nails and stairs are not really suitable toys for babies my age.  So daddy dropped me off to Jo’s place and I got to have a girly day with Jo and Lucille.  I had so much fun and I was on my best behaviour.

Mummy is trying to catch me and put me in the bath

Mummy got home late and I was already in bed alseep but I woke up when I heard her voice. I missed her and I know she missed me because she gave me the biggest hug ever and well, she told me so.   I stayed up a little bit later so spend some time with mummy and daddy, they were talking about mummy going on the train again tomorrow…. I had no idea where we were going.

I didn’t have to get up quite so early on Thursday morning, which was good because I stayed up a bit later the night before.  I knew we had another adventure today but I wasn’t exactly sure what was going on.  Mummy had packed an overnight bag and we made our way to the tube, all the way to Waterloo station.  From here we got on another train but it was different from the tube train, firstly it was above ground and secondly there were lots of fancier seats and a toilet.  There is a special spot on the train for handicap or Prams, so we settled in this spot for 90mins until we arrived at our destination – Southampton.  We were visiting mummy’s friend from Australia Rebecca and her 3 boys – Oliver, Luca and Jude.  They have a lovely house full of toys! I got to play with blocks and cars, trucks and all sorts of new and interesting things.  Jude is the same age as me, so I showed him how to crawl, which I have to say, my style of crawling has improved greatly.  Mummy says I don’t crawl like a slug anymore and I am really quick! I found a fun game where I would chase Oliver into the kitchen, then he would go back to the lounge so I would follow him again, I was his shadow. I was really enjoying all the space to crawl around.  All four of us had a bath together, this was the first time I noticed that boys are different to girls, if you know what I mean? They are loud and boisterous, that was what you were thinking as well, right?

Jude and I playing with his blocks

Hey Santa, can I please have some blocks for Christmas?

Bath time mummy!

 The boys are really well behaved and went straight to sleep at bedtime, I decided to make a big of noise but after a while I got myself to sleep.  I had such a fun day and didn’t know what to expect for tomorrow, this was our week of adventure.  I missed my daddy and I know he missed me too, but I think he had a good night with the boys – JD and Pally.

Friday morning was hectic with everyone getting ready even the boys had been up a long time before mummy and I.  They were pretty much ready to get out the door and go to Pixies Nursery before mummy and I had breakfast.  Oliver and Jude went to Nursery for the day and we went with Bec and Luca to the doctors.  It was actually a really cool doctors office, very new and high tech.  They had all these games and toys, I played with them all.  My favourite was a tunnel but it was more like crawling over a small hill in a tunnel and I wasn’t scared going through it, I had a big grin on my face the whole time. We stayed that night, because Saturday we were on nanny duty.  Bec was taking Oliver to Peppa Pig World, which sounds amazing and I hope mummy takes me one day when I am big enough to enjoy all the rides.  Luca and Jude are lots of fun to play with and I was very envious of their toy collection. We had cottage pie for lunch and it was my first time trying it and loved it! Must have been Bec’s yummy cooking because I am not usually a fan of lunch.  When Oliver came home from Peppa Pig world, he told us all about how much fun he had on all the rides.  Santa was there too, man that guy gets around! He also bought mummy a big chocolate lollipop and a lovely T-shirt for me. We had so much fun in Southampton I was sad to go but excited to see my daddy, I missed him.

We caught the train home in the afternoon, but my adventure wasn’t over yet…. We didn’t go home when daddy picked us up from the station, we went to Henry and Lucille’s house.  Daddy had his work party and his boss is Henry and Lucille’s daddy.  Mummy likes hanging out with their mummy Jo, so they bought a few bottles of wine and had a girly night.  When I arrived at their house Henry was so excited to see me and immediately wanted to have a bath with me.  I love Henry, he calls me Baby Harlow. We splashed about and played with his bath toys, then I had some dinner and it was already time for bed.  I think that was mummy’s plan so her and Jo could hang out whilst us babies slept.  I had other plans though, I took a little while to go to sleep and kept Henry up with my crying, but in the end I got tired and finally fell asleep around 10pm.  I think mummy and Jo had a rather late night, as I heard mummy creep into the room at a ridiculous time of the morning, and daddy came home shortly after.

The weekend wasn’t over yet, as we had plans for Sunday as well. We slept in for a little bit, which I think daddy was glad for.   But once mummy woke up, it was go go go! She literally had to push daddy out of bed, as we had to get home and cleaned up then catch the tube to Southwark.  Aunty Kristy was having a farewell birthday/xmas lunch with friends before she jet-setted back to Australia for a holiday with Julien.  She was visiting her family in Sydney and showing Julien all the nice things we have back in Australia.  I wonder if he will get to see a Koala bear like the one I have in my bed.  I bet he will get to swim in the beach, something I never got to do before we moved here.  I have heard from Omi and G Nan that the weather hasn’t been nice, so I hope it warms up for them.  Mummy and daddy were a little late but they had a lovely roast beef lunch and they dressed me up like an Elf which everyone loved.  Kristy has some lovely friends which means I got lots of cuddles, even from the boys!

On Tuesday mummy took me to visit Santa in Hyde Park.  This was our second attempt as our first was a disaster. This time we went as soon as it opened which was a much better idea than going on a Sunday.  There wasn’t even a line up so I got to spend lots of time with Santa telling him everything I wanted for Christmas.  To be honest I was a little bit nervous of him, all that white hair and deep voice put me off.  I wasn’t my usual smiling self.  He was very impressed with my elf outfit and I am pretty sure if mummy wasn’t keeping an eye on him, he might have put me in his sleigh and recruit me to help in the North pole with the other elves.

I am still not up to date with everything we have been doing this December, so if mummy doesn’t mind we are going to try and get up to date in this blog because the next few days are HUGE and we might get behind again. I never knew how busy one month could.   December is by far the busiest month of the year, not just because of Christmas and New year but it’s also Mummy’s birthday!  Wednesday 14th December, mummy woke to find me awake in my cot holding a card and a very tasty looking chocolate.  I did my best to get into the chocolate whilst she was still asleep but mummy got it away from me in time, and ate it all, I didn’t even get a chance to smell that sweet scent of coconut as she opened it, she ate it that quickly. She had another card waiting for her in the kitchen from daddy, that was just a small surprise to start the day.  We met my friends Charlie, William and their mums for lunch at the Crown and Anchor pub in Chiswick.  It is kinda of our usual place on a Wednesday, we usually go after Hartbeeps, however Hartbeeps has finished for the year.  We spent a couple of hours in the pub, the mummies drank some wine and us babies all slept.  When daddy came home, he told us girls to get ready for a night out, he had a surprise up his sleeve. Mummy put on a pretty dress and I just dressed warmly for the night.  Daddy drove us to Clapham to mummies favourite restaurant in London, El Rincon Latino.  Mummy and daddy used to visit this place when they lived just around the corner and also before they got together.  They have had some really fun nights there and tonight was another to add to the list.  Daddy had organised lots of mummies friends to meet him there and surprise her.  I was a good girl and I fell asleep, but I heard everyone partying till quite late.  They all shared yummy tapas and drank lots of Sangria.  Leroy and Natalie, JD1, JD2, Fran, Jo and Pally were all there to celebrate mummy’s birthday, they all sang very loudly when the cake came out but I was such a good girl and slept soundly in my pram.  I think mummy had a really lovely birthday but was sad she is facing her last year in her twenties.

Trying to eat mummy's present

Going out for mummy's birthday


We were meant to visit Kristy on Thursday for lunch but mummy and I weren’t feeling very well, she had a sore throat earlier in the week and it had developed into a cough and runny nose, so we spent the morning in bed and later in the afternoon we had to get a few last minute Christmas presents and post them to Australia – sorry everyone my mummy is not known for her timing and I think we may have missed the deadline for presents to arrive in time for Christmas.  So we re-scheduled lunch with Kristy for Friday. We caught the bus to Oxford street and  met her at her work, we had lots of presents stuffed into my pram as it is Kristy’s birthday very soon and we also had Christmas presents.  We had pizza for lunch and mummy even shared her crust with me, it was DELICOUS! I am a big fan of pizza crust. They had a lovely lunch and I was a good girl for the most part.  Mummy got very spoilt by Kristy, she got a beautiful gold locket necklace from House of Harlow.  Kristy chose very well, because I have seen mummy put that exact necklace in her wishlist for Christmas. She also got a lovely scarf and book, she got very spoilt, as did I. I wasn’t expecting any presents as it was Kristy and Mummy’s day but Kristy surprised me! She really spoilt me too, I got the best bear from Harrods, it is so soft and when you turn his tale he plays ‘you are my sunshine’. I also got some lovely clothes and my first Christmas ornament from Selfridges.

Asleep with my new teddy - Thank you Kristy

Mummy wanted to visit Ikea and Toys r Us on Saturday so much to daddy’s disappointment, we made our way there fairly early in the morning to beat the crowds.  I am not sure what mummy had to get as she kept everything fairly well hidden in a big bag.   Then in the evening mummy and daddy dressed up in some hideous festive jumpers, I don’t know what they were thinking but I wouldn’t be caught dead in a cardigan donning multiple Santas and I am pretty sure daddy was wearing a womans cardigan. They were going to a party in Angel, Rae and Sonders annual festive jumper party.  I was spending the night with Sarah and Danny.  I really like going to their place, this time they had a Christmas tree and I decided to help re-decorate it. I have lots of fun with Sarah and Danny, I can’t wait for their baby to arrive, I will have another little friend to play with and Mummy and Sarah can hang out together.

Thank you Sarah and Danny for looking after me

Crawling around Sarah and Danny's house - catch me if you can!

These railings are great for getting around

Wow!! so much to catch up on, I am sorry my mummy hasn’t had time to help me blog.  We are almost up to date, we just have the last few days to write about, but I might save that for next time.  I promise to write again soon as it will be all about Christmas.

Hideous festive jumpers - what a pair!

I think I have remembered everything, other than a few updates on what I new tricks I can do.  When we are at home or in the car, I clap my hands to music and start to bob up and down.  I can get myself so quickly around the house, mummy sometimes doesn’t realise I am right behind her and almost trips up and finally much to mummy’s delight, I am saying ‘mum mum mum’.  I managed to time it well, for her birthday.  The other great news is that our internet is fixed, so there really is no excuse to keep this blog up to date.

It’s not long till Christmas now (4 sleeps infact) so I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! There are a few first Christmas’ for my friends Cora, Jake, Ada and my cousin Jordy, I hope they have a very special day and Santa makes all their wishes come true.

H x

Quack Quack!


Eating mummy's leg, I am her shadow these days

Happy Birthday Poppy


We have had a quiet week this week so I didn’t really have anything too exciting to update.  So I thought I would dedicate this post to a very important event …. My Poppy’s Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday Poppy! I hope you have a really nice day and I hope that Omi and Cherry, Aunty Melissa and my cousins Ava and Brianna, all spoil you to bits.  I wish I was there to give you a big hug and climb all over you (that’s what I do best at the moment).

Happy Birthday Poppy!!


Look we are celebrating here for you. xx

I hope you like the poster I made you. Mummy has promised that we have sent a card but it might be a little late (she doesn’t know what day it is half the time, let alone what the date is).


Remember this Poppy? It was my first cuddle with you on the 9th February 2011.

Ciara's first birthday

Poppy watching over me at Cherry's birthday bonfire

On Poppy's big chair

At the airport before our sad goodbyes.

Keeping me warm on a night out in Bowral