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Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas Eve


Merry Christmas everyone!! In Australia it would already be Christmas day but here in London it’s Christmas Eve and we are already celebrating.

I am not going to go on about what we got up to this week because I am blogging on my favourite day of the year so far (in the first year of my life). Today is Christmas eve and my mummy’s family tradition, being German they celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve.  So it’s good news for us as we get to open presents a little bit earlier and we have a delicious seafood feast, although I didn’t get to try any of it.  Mummy promised she would save me a prawn for tomorrow, I hope she keeps her word, as they looked huge and delicious.

So today mummy and I went grocery shopping and daddy did some last minute Christmas shopping. Mummy and I met up with him afterwards as mummy had pretended that she hadn’t got him anything and so he got to choose out some nice clothes.  Then we came home and wrapped up the last of our presents, our 3ft tree started to look tiny with all the presents around it, it kind of got lost amongst the presents.

Once I was fed and mummy had started to prepare dinner and the cheese platter, daddy cracked open the champagne and we took some family photos and open the first of my presents.  I am so lucky I got a few nice things from mummy and daddy, a bubble machine for bathtime, my favourite book Gruffalo touch and feel book, a wooden shape sorter and a few other bits and pieces.  I also opened a present from Cora – Thank you for my awesome fairy toadstool cottage I kind of lost interest in all my other toys once I opened that.  I also got a beautiful jumpsuit from my Aunty Nicole in Germany and a baby toy doll from Oma.  There are still lots of presents under the tree so I think mummy and daddy could be holding out on me a little bit and waiting for the morning.  Mummy said I have been a very good girl all year so she is pretty certain Santa will visit.  We are leaving some beer, cookies and carrots out for the Aussie Santa and his Reindeer just in case he does come.

Mummy and Daddy did pretty well tonight as well. I bought mummy a lovely mimco wallet and daddy got her a really nice mimco bag.  She was so happy! Daddy did even better, with some shoes from Omi and poppy and clothes from mummy.  But I think he liked his Xbox from me best of all.

This is just the start of my very first Christmas and I think there is plenty more to come, not just in presents but tomorrow we have a huge day planned with the Aussie Christmas Oprhans in London…. a group of aussie friends of mummy and daddy who are getting together to celebrate christmas, none of us have family here and so we decided to all get together and have a chistmas feast. More on that tomorrow…. here are few pics from my first Christmas eve.  I hope you all have had a wonderful and magical night.  Big shout out to all the babies who have their first Christmas this year, you know who you are!

H x

Family photo

The Aussie Seafood feast
Merry Christmas Daddy

Merry Christmas!

Taking decorations off the tree