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Creepy Crawlies


Mummy and I had a busy week.  On Tuesday we visited little Lucille and her mummy Jo.  Mummy took lots of photo’s of Lucille and I got a little bit jealous, but was mostly a well behaved little girl.  Lucille didn’t want to go to sleep but she was a very good baby letting mummy take lots of photo’s of her.  Hopefully mummy got some nice ones for Jo and Jason.  Afterwards we took a walk to David Lloyds for lunch. David Lloyds is big gym and family centre, there are pools, gym equipment, tennis courts, crèche, kids play areas and a restaurant and heaps of other really cool stuff. I think when I get older I am going to enjoy going there and playing with all the toys.

Thursday night mummy and daddy’s friend Leroy came over for a visit.  As soon as he saw me he was taking pictures and I know he has been looking forward to meeting me for a long time.  He really wanted to play with me and get lots of smiles and cuddles but I was being a bit cheeky and cried a few times until it was my bed time. I think next time I will give him lots of smiles, I can’t be perfect and happy all the time.

On Friday we waited for the Virgin Media guy to come around and fix our internet.  He did an ok job and we had internet for most of the day and then of course it stopped working again.  It doesn’t look like we will have our proper internet working for about 2-3 weeks.  What a pain in the butt!

After the Virgin guy came round, mummy and I took the tube to Victoria station.  Victoria Station is one of the busiest, if not the busiest station in all of London.  Mummy used to work near that station with her friend Sarah, they both worked in Recruitment.  We met up with Sarah for lunch and I got lots of cuddles.  It’s nice meeting all of mummy’s friends because they all really like babies and love to play with me.  I really liked Sarah and I am pretty sure she really likes me because she took some pics of me and put them on facebook before we even got home.

That night it was mummy’s turn for a night out on the town.  She had planned a girlie night with Lucille’s mummy Jo and Aunty Bec. They went out to East London and had a very late night! Mummy got home even later than daddy the previous week but she didn’t fall asleep on the tube.  She had a really nice night out but she missed daddy and me.

Our weekend was pretty quiet.  Nathan wasn’t playing rugby this week so he took Nikki to Paris – she is very lucky! Saturday daddy worked all day and then we had a very quiet night in. Sunday is our family day and my favourite day of the week because daddy spends all day with us.  We started the day with brunch at a French restaurant up the road.  After a bit of wandering around Chiswick and daddy got a haircut then we caught one of those big red buses right into the middle of London – Oxford Circus.  Daddy wanted to check out some new kicks at Nike town, you can customise your own shoes there.  Unfortunately much to my disappointment they can’t customise baby shoes. Oxford Street is so busy and crowded! I didn’t really enjoy it that much as I was stuck in my pram the whole time so mummy thought it would be a nice idea to walk to Hyde park and have a little sit in the park.  The weather has been so nice in London, supposedly warmer than it was in July.  We had some lunch in the park and I got out of my pram and was practising my climbing and crawling all over daddy.  Infact, you might even say I crawled for the first time ever and it was in Hyde Park, London! Mummy had her iphone handy and was recording it as well, so she promises to upload it straight away.

Just chiling with Daddy in Hyde Park.

Moments before my crawl

So embarrassing!! Daddy changes my nappy in public. I had my bottom out for all of London to see.

H x


Rugby Fever


We are almost completely settled into our new flat now except for a few boxes as mummy and daddy need to take a trip to Ikea and buy a few things.  Mummy and I are really enjoying being back, although we miss everyone back in Australia.  Mummy has changed my routine up a little bit and is trying to get me to eat more solid food and on top of that she has stopped giving me breast milk! My sleeping patterns are due for a mix up as well, she is aiming to get me down for two longer sleeps a day rather than three.  It’s all a bit confusing for me at the moment but I think we will settle into our new routine very soon and I will be back to my happy cheerful self in no time.  I am still very happy and smiley, I am just waking up a bit earlier than mummy and daddy likes.

Our internet is still on hiatus, so mummy has to go down to Starbucks and try to update my blog.  We are still a little bit behind but we have some exciting posts to write in the next few days.

Last Friday night daddy had a boys night out with his friends JD, another JD and Pally.  He had a good night and he thinks the boys wanted him to stay out much longer but he missed me and had to work the next day.  So with all his best intentions he attempted to make his way home around 11:30, but as plans don’t always go the way we want to, daddy fell asleep on the tube and ended up in Heathrow.  By this time it was very late and he had to find himself a taxi to get home, poor daddy. Mummy and I found it funny but I don’t think he saw the funny side at the time.

Whilst daddy was enjoying his boys night out, Nikki stayed over on Friday night with mummy and I, we had a proper girls night in.  I went to bed like a good girl but mummy and Nikki stayed up until 2am drinking wine and watching Jersey shore.  Then on Saturday we went shopping at Westfields.  We are very lucky as there is a bus stop out the front of our flat that takes us directly to Westfield shopping centre and the other bus takes us into the centre of London – Oxford Street.  This was the second time in one week we had been to Westfields but this time we had a mission and that was to get me a high chair.   Mummy found a really cool lime green one and since we have bought it, I have been eating a lot more. My favourite thing to do is squish strawberries all over the high chair table and my face.

I love Strawberries!

The plan for the rest of the day was to go to Twickenham and watch Nathan play the Harlequins.  We managed to get out there no problems, but once we arrived it started to bucket down with rain.  Poor Nathan had to play in the pouring rain, we were high up in the stands, so we stayed dry but it sure was cold! Silly mummy went against daddy’s advice and wore thongs instead of boots and she complained that her toes were so cold. Unfortunately Gloucester lost but on the bright side Nathan got to play all of the first half and about 15mins of the second. He had a really good game and it was fun to watch my second ever Rugby match.

Just watching the game with my daddy. He kept me very warm.

Nathan is in the middle.

Nathan is throwing in for the Lineout

I was very excited for the next part of our Saturday night as we were going to have a BBQ at mummy’s best friend’s house.  Mummy hasn’t met Julien (Kristy’s boyfriend) yet so she was very excited to meet him and see the flat they had moved into.  Daddy really like the basement conversion and Julien cooked a really lovely BBQ.  Nikki and Nathan came along and other friends of Kristy and mummy’s – Andy and Nikki were also there.  Nikki gave me lots of lovely cuddles, I enjoyed them so much I didn’t really want to go to bed and miss out on all the fun.  But I eventually did go down to sleep and everyone had a really fun night.

Our weekends are the most fun, so mummy and I won’t bore you with all our details during the week unless we do something special.  Hopefully we will be able to update our blog at Starbucks again tomorrow because we have something very exciting to share….. stay tuned, I won’t give too much away but I may have hit a milestone….you be the judge.

H x

Oh no!!! For some reason we are unable to load pictures in Starbucks so I will have to update these posts with pics when our internet is back up and running.