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Seoul Searching


I am Seoul, Korea! I had my first plane trip yesterday. We flew from Sydney to Seoul which was about 10 hours and I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet but I was the best baby on the flight.  Mummy and Daddy are so proud of me.  This is just the beginning though, we are flying to Milan today and from there our 2 week holiday in Italy begins.  Our very first family, summer vacation.

Although mummy was still running around like crazy packing and cleaning up our flat in the shed the day before we left, she wanted to have one last lunch with the Mummy’s group.  They threw a very nice party for mummy and I.  It was at Kristy and Cora’s house down the road from us.  They had balloons, cake, champagne (for mummy) and lots of yummy party favourites.  I got to roll around the floor with all my friends and play with Cora’s toys, she has an awesome collection of toys.  Andrew was fascinated with my teeth, so I tried to show him how they work on his fingers.  He can’t wait for his teeth to cut through.  Little Jake is starting to pull himself around the floor so he was giving us all tips on how to do it.  Cora was all dressed up in her ruffle skirt, it’s so pretty I hope mummy buys me one soon.  Skyla and I were showing everyone how well we can sit now, and I was chatting to Ethan about the Liverpool game on the weekend.   I am going to miss all my friends.  Wednesdays has been my favourite day of the week.  Jake and Cora, thank you so much for my cool presents.  On special outings in London I am going to wear my bracelet and remember my two best friends.

Thursday morning was a very early start.  It was a sad morning as I had to say goodbye to my Omi and Poppy.  Although I was excited for my holiday and big move, I didn’t want to leave Omi and Poppy.   I love them so much and I am going to miss them like crazy.  Omi was always so fun, she would get down on the floor and play with me and Poppy gives the best cuddles.  I know I will see them all the time on Skype but Skype doesn’t cuddle.

Saying my goodbyes to Cherry-Garcia

The plane trip was pretty smooth sailing.  I have a little bit of a cold so I wasn’t the happiest baby but I hardly cried and I fell asleep for takeoff and landing.  There was a baby next to me, she kept waking me up with her screaming but I think she had a tummy ache or maybe she was a little bit scared to fly, not me though I love flying.

A good time to catch up on some reading

While daddy slept, I went duty free shopping


Lunchtime - Plane food


Last night we are stayed in a very nice hotel, the Hyatt Regency and after a bit of apple and Watermelon for brekky we will be going to the airport soon for the second part of our plane trip. Next stop Milan.

H x