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London like a tourist


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On Thursday Omi and Poppy’s friends Bill and Lyn arrived all the way from Australia. They are staying with us for a little bit before Omi and Poppy arrive.  They have known my Mummy since she was a very little girl. They used to all go 4WDriving together.  Bill and Lyn have never been to London before so there was plenty they wanted to see and do.  We made a big list of all the attractions, museums and fun things and we decided to tackle things in a group so they got to see as much as possible in the time they were here.  This meant that I got to enjoy being a tourist again. We visited some of the same places as we went with GNan and GDad, I am getting to know my way around this big city.

First stop on Friday was Harrods – Lyn loved all the different things that you could buy. It was her birthday so she was hinting to Bill about buying a very sparkly necklace….. Unfortunately for her I don’t think he got the hints. It’s almost Christmas so all of London is lit up like one big Christmas tree, I think you would be able to see it from space. Harrods and all the big department stores decorate their windows and this year Harrods had a Fairy tale theme, all my favourite stories were there. I think Mummy’s favourite was the Cinderella window which had a beautiful sparkling Louboutin shoe in the window.

Next stop was Hyde Park where we chased squirrels and fed some as well. One came right up to me, he was very friendly.  Last year around this time we visited Santa at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and all the fun things were there again this year.  I eyed up lots of fun rides that I would like Omi and Poppy to take me on when they get here. Mummy bought me a big pretzel which I liked but I was more interested in exploring the rides and walking around which worried Mummy as it was very busy and she didn’t want to lose me, I am very fast.

The sun was starting to go down and we still wanted to visit Buckingham Palace so we walked the rest of the way through Green Park, kicking all the big piles of Autumn leaves until we arrived at the very large Palace.  We all took lots of photo’s and I think Bill and Lyn were very impressed with the Queens residence. They were also very surprised at how quickly and early it gets dark here.  So when we left Buckingham Palace it was fairly dark which made them feel like it was 7pm not 4pm!

Lyn wanted to visit the Ritz which was right next to Green Park station, it was all lit up and looks very grand. So we walked around to the entrance and asked the doorman which direction to go for a hot chocolate and babycino instead of pointing us in the right direction he politely told us that we were not dressed up enough for this hotel and we were not allowed to go in for a drink the only direction we were heading was back out the entrance. Next time Mummy will have to dress me up in a pretty dress, my cute little smiles couldn’t sway him this time.

Feeling slightly rejected we decided to head home and wait till tomorrow for our next big adventure around London.

H x


My great visitors


The reason my daddy can live in London is because his daddy and his Grandparents were all born in England so daddy has a UK passport.  G Nan is from London and G Dad is from Liverpool – that is why we all support Liverpool FC.  So I was very excited to find out that my G Parents are coming to visit and stay with us! When ever I chat to Nan on skype she always tells me how much she can’t wait to cuddle me, now I know what she was talking about – she was coming over here to give me lots of cuddles.

Of course with everything we do,  their arrival did not run as smoothly as Mama had planned.  We had an early night, the night before as we had to be up for the first tube to get to Heathrow.  Mama double checked the email from G Dad and we made our way to Terminal 3.  We are lucky the tube ride is not that long and we were running right on time (that is a first).  We were all very excited – daddy especially! So we got to the arrivals gate and waited….. and waited….. and waited …. and waited.  An hour later, we were still waiting…… another hour later we were still waiting and getting very worried.  Where was G Nan and G Dad?? Mama was sure their plane had arrived but we didn’t have all the details, so we started asking around. Finally Mama found out that Emirates didn’t depart or arrive from terminal 3, we were at the wrong terminal! We had to go to terminal 4. Phew!!! That was a relief that nothing had happened it was just a mix up, but now we had to hope that G Nan and G Dad were still waiting there for us.  Another 30 mins later we found them! We found them, they were waiting at the coffee shop having a brew.  What a way to start the day! They both had lots of cuddles for me, it was so nice to see them again in person.

I was spoilt rotten when we got home, Nan had so many presents for me! She still had some Xmas presents from last year, A big Koala and Kanagaroo, a new dolly…. the list went on.  I am such a lucky girl and loved every single present.  I am really good at unwrapping now. It was a beautiful day, London put on it’s best show weatherwise, just for them.  We spent the afternoon walking around Chiswick and of course daddy had to get G Dad to the pub to watch a liverpool game at reasonable time. Usually G Dad watches them live in the early hours of the morning in Australia.

Nan and G Dad hadn’t been back to London for many years, so it was great to show them all my favourite places and for them to see how much London had changed.  The first day we went for a walk to Buckingham Palace and tried to get tickets to go inside.  Unfortunatley they were sold out that day, so we booked them for another day. It was still nice to visit the Queen and wave to her from outside the palace.  Next stop was a quick bus trip to Harrods – Nan’s faourite shop and G Dad’s worst wallet nightmare. We had lunch first at a little french bistro at the back of Harrods.  I had my favourite – frites!

Then after lunch we went straight to the toy shop and it was like every little girls dream.  There were huge soft teddies, massive doll houses, dinosaurs and my favourite was a porsche just my size.  I had to have a little spin in it, and I think it suited me….. perhaps Santa will see how much I enjoyed riding it and I have definitely been a good girl.

Another day we took a trip to Borough Markets for some lunch and Pimms. Of course I wasn’t allowed any pimms but everyone else enjoyed a fresh glass.  After lunch we walked along the Thames river, over Tower Bridge and then all the way down to the Tower of London.  We took a tour around the tower, it was pretty impressive and everyone was laughing at our beefeater – he was a funny little man. The best part was the room with the Crown jewels.  The Queen is very wealthy and she has some seriously big shiny diamonds.  They were bigger than my very wide eyed gaze, they were hynotising.  I think Mama was taking notes and ideas…. not sure why, but she said daddy would know why.

I am having so much fun with Nan and G dad.  They have been looking after me when Mama goes to work, daddy always has a big smile on his face and I get so many cuddles.  They have also taught me some new tricks, I am now really good at using the Ipad, my favourite games are the talking Tom, Ben and parrot.  My oma showed me Talking Tom when we went to Salzburg and since then we have literally put a whole pet shop on the Ipad.  Nan and G dad are going to Uncle Alberts for a couple of weeks, I am going to miss them but I think we are going to come visit one weekend. I am really good at saying Grandad and I follow him around like a shadow.  They are very impressed how I am potty trained and using the toilet like a big girl, they quickly race me to the toilet when I yell ‘WEEEEEES’.

I am going to miss them when they are uncle Alberts but I am looking forward to them coming back.  I am not sure how long they are staying but I think they should move back to their home country.

H x

Night at the Museum


We are already a week into the new year and I have been a bit slack with the blogging.  Mummy passes on her apologies as we have had daddy home for a couple of days so instead of spending our time on the computer we have been hanging out with daddy and doing some fun things.  I like having him home with us, he is lots of fun and always makes me laugh.  He pulls silly faces and he plays games with me.  He is the best daddy in the world, I am so lucky.

So whilst he has been home, mummy and I have been showing him what we get up to in the day.  Since our internet has been fixed we don’t spend any time in Starbucks anymore, ok I lie, mummy still gets a coffee on the occasional day but we don’t have to spend hours down there.  So we have more time to explore Chiswick and find new activities and adventures.  Mummy has wanted to take me to the playground up the road  for some time now as she noticed there was a swing set that I would be fairly secure in and thought I would enjoy it.  I used to have a indoor swing when I was born, G Nan and G Dad bought it for me and daddy said it was my favourite toy, I used to fall asleep in it.  Well mummy wasright (as usual), I loved the swing! To top it off daddy was the first one to push me for my first swing ride. Daddy pushed me  on the swing whilst mummy took photo’s.  I loved it! It was so much fun and I wasn’t scared at all, infact I think daddy could have pushed me a little higher.  Unfortunately mummy and daddy didn’t dress as warmly as me, so we didn’t stay too long just long enough for me to decide I like them very much and I hope mummy will take me to the park more often in the future.

Higher daddy, Higher!

Another day daddy had off we decided to walk up to Brentford Leisure Centre and visit Softplay.  I have been a couple of times with my friend Reese and her mummy Natasha, but this was daddy’s first time.  I am not sure who had more fun! I had just woken up from a nap so at first I was a little bit sleepy and didn’t do a lot in the ball pit.  Daddy tried to bury me with all the balls and I just layed there and let him do it.  Then mummy thought it would be a good idea to climb to the top and take me on the slide to liven me up and in another area that I can climb up and around.  She thought it would wake me up a bit, again she was spot on! So we climbed all the way to the top, I even climb the soft stairs on my own (daddy was behind me ready to catch just in case I slipped on a step).  I got to the top and had no problems at all.  At the very top of the Softplay tower there are these giant frogs and a big mushroom, this is my favourite part and I definitely livened up when I saw them.  I quickly crawled around the mushroom to hide from daddy, then he played a chasing game and we went round and round the mushroom a couple of times, I almost caught up with him.  Then we went down the slippery slide and although it was quite steep, I wasn’t scared I laughed the whole way down.  I am a brave little girl.

So I mentioned a surprise the last time I blogged.  Mummy should have unveiled it by now, but I won’t get too mad at her just yet.  She has been working hard on it and unfortunately due to complications with Windows Movie maker, it’s not quite ready.  She had completely finished it and was quite proud of herself (daddy had a private screening and gave it a thumbs up) and as computers are not always the most reliable especially when your working on a project,  our program has done just that, FAIL!  It has decided after we had put everything together, that it doesn’t recognise half of the videos we have added, even though we converted them into a format especially for the windows program…. blah blah blah, sorry about the boring tech talk (I am a daddy’s girl afterall).  So obviously our surprise is not a surprise anymore, it’s a little video of me, but what is you get to see is previously unseen footage of me in 2011.  I hope we can sort it out ASAP becuase the movie mummy has put together is kind of cool.  I hope you don’t mind waiting a little bit longer, it’s worth the wait as mummy has been saving up some great videos especially for this project.

At the moment we have my daddy’s cousin visiting London.  He has been travelling for months now and I am not going to lie, but he looks like he has been backpacking around the world.  Uncle Luke is having an awesome time but has forgotten to bring a razor with him on his travels, so when I saw him for the first time since I was 5 months old, I got quite a shock! His hair is longer and his face is hairy, so it took me a little while to warm up to him but once I did,  I wanted to play with him all night.  He wears these cool wooden bracelets on his wrist and he lets me play with them.  Mummy never lets me play with her jewellery.  Last night Uncle Luke and his friend Damo came over for dinner and to watch the football with daddy and I got to stay up a little later and watch a bit of the football aswell. It was good game and an even better result! Liverpool were the champions with a 5 – 1 result.

Today we met up with the boys in a very strange place.  I am not going to lie to you, I was a scared most of the time.  We visited a very large building in South Kensington called the Natural History Museum and it is filled with giant skeletons and animals.  At first it wasn’t so bad as I was safe with daddy in the baby bjorn.  Daddy makes me feel safe even around those huge giants, which everyone was calling Dinosaurs. There was one dinosaur in particular I didn’t like, the T-Rex.  There was a giant model of his skull including his big sharp teeth and mummy told daddy to put me up near his mouth for a photo. I didn’t mind looking at him from down below in the baby bjorn but as you will see from the photo getting a closer look was the scariest thing I have ever done.

Please don’t not feed the T-Rex

Once I got over that little incident I was quite happy looking at all the other animals.  In the mammals and reptiles area, we saw a life size blue whale and I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was HUGE.  It was about 4 times the size of omi and poppy’s boat, which made me worry, I hope they never run into a blue whale when they go outside in the open waters, he might think their boat is a tic tac.

The HUGE blue whale

Another less scary Dinosaur

I think I hear something coming up behind us

After the museum we walked to Harrods for a quick look.  Uncle Luke didn’t know about Harrods and who owns it until mummy sang the rap that Muhummad Al Fayed sang with Ali G.  She wasn’t very good but I think they knew what she was talking about.  Daddy and the boys were really looking forward to another German Sausage for lunch at Winter Wonderland in Hyde park but unfortunately it was already closed and was getting packed up for the year, so we had sandwiches at Pret instead. Mummy recently bought some outrageously silly boots the other week, she has had this voucher for LK Bennet for 2 years and really want to use it up especially whilst they had a sale on.  She found some nice boots but damn they are high, not the best choice of footwear for a mini tour around London.  We went home after our sandwiches, mummy slowly hobbled home feeling very sorry for herself.

Tomorrow the boys are going to a Chelsea game so it’s a girls day for mummy and I however I think mummy is going to be busy in the kitchen daddy put in a request for the 6 hour pork roast and poor Luke and Damo hasn’t had a home cooked meal in months.  I hope I get some this time!

H x

London Calling


Sorry everyone, I haven’t forgotten about you, our internet has had some problems and won’t be properly back up and running until Monday. So here’s a quick update…

I have been in London now for a week and it’s already been pretty massive.  When we arrived I had my first black cab ride all the way from Heathrow Airport to Morden.  We have been staying with mummy and daddy’s friends Joanna, Jason, Henry and Lucille.  I really enjoyed it as Henry had lots of toys for me to play with.  Henry kept calling me ‘Baby Harlow’ and mummy was ‘Mummy Harlow’ and daddy was ‘Daddy Harlow’.  He was lots of fun.  Daddy was excited as he is working for Jason doing the Loft conversions.  He is happy to get back into work but we have missed him this week.

The weather (which I know is on everyone’s minds) has been lovely.  Everyone warned me about how cold it is in London but we have had nothing but nice weather.  In fact it has been so good that I have still worn some of my summer dresses.  Although mummy did buy me a very warm beanie and made me wear it on one of those hot days, because I looked so cute! I think everyone on facebook thought it was freezing over here because I looked a bit grumpy in my hat, but I was just hot!

On Thursday Nathan and Nikki came to London to visit us.  Nathan is playing Rugby for Gloucester and is spending about 6 weeks living in Cheltenham.  Mummy said it is really nice out that way in the English countryside and she is looking forward to visiting them as they have a nice big house with plenty of beds for us to stay.  So Nathan and Nikki came to visit and we had planned to show Nikki around London, It was both mine and Nikki’s first time in London, so mummy and Nathan were playing tour guide.  Our first stop was to visit Harrod’s; the store with everything! Mummy mapped out our route but we had a few hiccups.  We caught the overland train to Wimbledon station, then the tube to Earls Court.  At Earls court we were meant to catch the Piccadilly line to Knightsbridge but there was a trespasser on the track, so we had to catch the big red Bus.  That wasn’t a problem except that mummy put us on a bus going in the wrong direction.  So after about 90mins and a change of direction we finally arrived at Harrods.

My first Tube ride and I wasn't scared to go underground at all.

On the big red bus going the wrong way

Getting cuddles from Nikki and the Big Harrods Bear

WOW!! What a beautiful and magnificent store. It was huge and so grand.  Nathan was super hungry and we all felt like Pizza, well I didn’t mummy had mashed up 5 bean mix for me….yuck! After Pizza we had a little wonder around, we went to the Chanel exhibition, the Pet store – there were lots of nice things for Cherry-Garcia in there.  Luckily mummy kept her hands in her pockets and walked out with a full wallet, although there were plenty of nice things in there, they definitely come at a cost, an expensive one.  Sorry Cherry, you miss out but we got some lovely ideas for Christmas (if your a good puppy for Omi and Poppy).

We couldn’t leave Harrods without stopping in the Ice-creamery.  Nikki and Nathan each had a huge Sundae with lots of Ice cream and hot fudge sauce, it looked amazing, but as usual I wasn’t allowed any.

Nikki and Nathan at Morelli's Ice creamery

Following our visit to Harrods we took a nice walk through Hyde Park.  Nathan said that last time he walked through here it was in the middle of winter and it was super cold.  There was a winter wonderland set up with Ice-skating and German markets, and they ran into a D –list celebrity: Peter Andre.  Today however, was a lot warmer, it was like a beautiful summer’s day and no celebrity spotting for us.

Nikki was very excited to see Buckingham Palace, so we took a walk through Green Park and found our way out the front of the gigantic building.   It was very exciting to see where the Royal family visit when they come to London, and where Prince William and Kate had their first kiss as husband and wife (I watched the wedding with my G-nan and G-Dad in Coomera).  Mummy and I got lots of photo’s but I missed daddy.  We have been a little bit lonely now that he is back at work, we had so much fun together as a family when we were in Italy.  I like having him around all the time.  We will have to bring daddy next time so we can get some photos of the three of us.

Buckingham Palace

On the way home, we squished into the tube like sardines in a can and I made funny faces at all the strangers.  I was making lots of people laugh, probably the highlight of their day after a dull day at work.  To be honest I was exhausted and I pretty much fell straight asleep as soon as we got home.

Friday mummy got her hair done with Joanna and Daddy looked after Henry and I.  The weekend ahead is going to be pretty epic so I’ll save that for the next post.

H x