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Omi and Poppy in London


My great visitors


The reason my daddy can live in London is because his daddy and his Grandparents were all born in England so daddy has a UK passport.  G Nan is from London and G Dad is from Liverpool – that is why we all support Liverpool FC.  So I was very excited to find out that my G Parents are coming to visit and stay with us! When ever I chat to Nan on skype she always tells me how much she can’t wait to cuddle me, now I know what she was talking about – she was coming over here to give me lots of cuddles.

Of course with everything we do,  their arrival did not run as smoothly as Mama had planned.  We had an early night, the night before as we had to be up for the first tube to get to Heathrow.  Mama double checked the email from G Dad and we made our way to Terminal 3.  We are lucky the tube ride is not that long and we were running right on time (that is a first).  We were all very excited – daddy especially! So we got to the arrivals gate and waited….. and waited….. and waited …. and waited.  An hour later, we were still waiting…… another hour later we were still waiting and getting very worried.  Where was G Nan and G Dad?? Mama was sure their plane had arrived but we didn’t have all the details, so we started asking around. Finally Mama found out that Emirates didn’t depart or arrive from terminal 3, we were at the wrong terminal! We had to go to terminal 4. Phew!!! That was a relief that nothing had happened it was just a mix up, but now we had to hope that G Nan and G Dad were still waiting there for us.  Another 30 mins later we found them! We found them, they were waiting at the coffee shop having a brew.  What a way to start the day! They both had lots of cuddles for me, it was so nice to see them again in person.

I was spoilt rotten when we got home, Nan had so many presents for me! She still had some Xmas presents from last year, A big Koala and Kanagaroo, a new dolly…. the list went on.  I am such a lucky girl and loved every single present.  I am really good at unwrapping now. It was a beautiful day, London put on it’s best show weatherwise, just for them.  We spent the afternoon walking around Chiswick and of course daddy had to get G Dad to the pub to watch a liverpool game at reasonable time. Usually G Dad watches them live in the early hours of the morning in Australia.

Nan and G Dad hadn’t been back to London for many years, so it was great to show them all my favourite places and for them to see how much London had changed.  The first day we went for a walk to Buckingham Palace and tried to get tickets to go inside.  Unfortunatley they were sold out that day, so we booked them for another day. It was still nice to visit the Queen and wave to her from outside the palace.  Next stop was a quick bus trip to Harrods – Nan’s faourite shop and G Dad’s worst wallet nightmare. We had lunch first at a little french bistro at the back of Harrods.  I had my favourite – frites!

Then after lunch we went straight to the toy shop and it was like every little girls dream.  There were huge soft teddies, massive doll houses, dinosaurs and my favourite was a porsche just my size.  I had to have a little spin in it, and I think it suited me….. perhaps Santa will see how much I enjoyed riding it and I have definitely been a good girl.

Another day we took a trip to Borough Markets for some lunch and Pimms. Of course I wasn’t allowed any pimms but everyone else enjoyed a fresh glass.  After lunch we walked along the Thames river, over Tower Bridge and then all the way down to the Tower of London.  We took a tour around the tower, it was pretty impressive and everyone was laughing at our beefeater – he was a funny little man. The best part was the room with the Crown jewels.  The Queen is very wealthy and she has some seriously big shiny diamonds.  They were bigger than my very wide eyed gaze, they were hynotising.  I think Mama was taking notes and ideas…. not sure why, but she said daddy would know why.

I am having so much fun with Nan and G dad.  They have been looking after me when Mama goes to work, daddy always has a big smile on his face and I get so many cuddles.  They have also taught me some new tricks, I am now really good at using the Ipad, my favourite games are the talking Tom, Ben and parrot.  My oma showed me Talking Tom when we went to Salzburg and since then we have literally put a whole pet shop on the Ipad.  Nan and G dad are going to Uncle Alberts for a couple of weeks, I am going to miss them but I think we are going to come visit one weekend. I am really good at saying Grandad and I follow him around like a shadow.  They are very impressed how I am potty trained and using the toilet like a big girl, they quickly race me to the toilet when I yell ‘WEEEEEES’.

I am going to miss them when they are uncle Alberts but I am looking forward to them coming back.  I am not sure how long they are staying but I think they should move back to their home country.

H x