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Roman holiday


Goodness I have quite a lot of blogging to catch up on! I am sorry I have been a bit a slack lately.

After our adventurous day driving around Tuscany, our next stop was Rome.  I was such a good girl and slept the whole way, which was about 2 ½ hours drive.  We found the hotel really easily and it was really nice.  It had a cool garden restaurant between the two hotel buildings.  The only downfall was that it had a very old lift, one of those ones where it has two doors that you have to open and close each time you get in and out of it. My pram didn’t fit inside, so daddy had to carry me up the three flights of stairs each day.  Since we arrived in Rome fairly early afternoon mummy thought we should get a little bit of sightseeing in before dinner, the Trevi fountain wasn’t too far from the hotel, so off we went.  I fell asleep on the way and missed out on seeing how pretty it is, but mummy and daddy took some photo’s.

Trevi Fountain, Rome

It was such a hot afternoon, so we sat inside a nice air conditioned restaurant for dinner.  I had lamb and vegetables, this was my first time trying lamb and I really liked it.  Mummy and daddy stuck to eating a very healthy salad.  The Spanish steps were just around the corner from the restaurant, so we took a detour on our way back to the hotel.  Those steps seem to go on forever.  Daddy was glad he didn’t have to carry me and my pram up them.

Spanish Steps

We had an early night because mummy had planned a very busy day tomorrow.

H x


My friend, my love, my David.


I got in touch with my cultural side today.  Mummy had a very artistic day planned for us, firstly we took the road right outside of our hotel down to Ponte Vecchio.  Ponte Vecchio is a medievil bridge crossing the Arno River, it was once the main route into the city centre.

The Arno River

Fun Fact # 3:  Ponte Vecchio means Old Bridge.  The Bridge was originally made out of wood but a flood in 1333 destroyed it.  Today it is built of stone and is lined with leather and jewelry shops, hawking their craft learned through the ages.

When mummy was at school, her favourite subject was art and she wasn’t too bad at it.  She had 2 favourite artworks, one of those was Sandro Botticelli’s ‘Birth of Venus’.  This was next on our cultural tour of Florence.  It is located in the Uffizi Gallery, a 16th century building which was the first museum open to the public, making this the oldest Museum in the world.  There is a whole room dedicated to Botticelli’s works.  I have to admit, this museum was a bit dull for a little baby and everyone is so quiet.  For one normally quiet baby, I found my voice here and it echoes!

Birth of Venus

We took a walk past the Bargello – the medieval palace and then carried onto the Piazza Duomo which was quite impressive. It is massive and very different to the Duomo in Milan and Venice as it has a more gothic style to it.   We spent a little bit of time here as mummy was trying all different settings on her camera, she has been embracing her inner tourist.  A quick ice coffee for mummy and daddy and milk for me and we moved onto the Accedemia Galleria.  The home of Michelangelo’s statue of ‘David’. WOW! What a man.  The statue is HUGE! It has definitely been a highlight of the day, I can’t believe I have seen so many famous works of art in one day.

Hanging out near the Duomo


We had to really call it a day after seeing The birth of Venus and David, I mean lets be honest everything else would have been a bit underwhelming.  So we walked through the leather markets and took an unplanned detour home to our Hotel.  We finished our day with one more sightseeing opportunity.  Luckily enough we are staying right next to one, the Piazza Santa Maria Novella another gothic piece of architecture.

Mummy and daddy had a Brontosaurus steak dinner that would make Omi and Sally’s Dino steaks look like lamb cutlets.  We met some lovely people travelling from India on our way home, they gave me lots of cuddles.  Once again I have been very popular, not to blow my own trumpet.  I am about to get into my cot and have a nice sleep before our adventure tomorrow. Stayed tuned…. I am giving nothing away.

When mummy said I could try some steak, I didn't think she meant I could eat a whole cow.

My new friend, Manjula

H x

Cooling off at the Lido


Just a quick update today….

I had my first trip to the beach! The beaches are very different to the ones in Australia, the sand is a lot darker and the water is not as clear but I still managed to have a lot of fun.  We caught the No 1 waterbus to the Lido and we hired a little cabana, with an umbrella and chair. Mummy and daddy bought me a floating toy so I could kick about on my own, I am really good at swimming already.  I also had a play in the sand and although mummy says sand isn’t on my menu yet, I ate some anyway.

After my awesome day at the beach we caught the waterbus down the Grand Canal to the Rialto markets.  We had a little look around and bought some fresh fruit for tomorrow’s road trip to Florence.

H x


Swimming with my handsome daddy

mmm gritty....

My first beach swim in the Lido.

Kick kick kick...