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A week in Pictures


Its been a super busy week this week. It started like any normal week …..

Monday – Nursery day





Tuesday we met Bec, Oliver and Luca at the Natural History museum to see the Dinosaurs


Wednesday we met up with Sarah and Charlie. It was great to see them as it’s been 9 months since they moved to Dubai



Thursday I went to Nursery but Ophelia had a very interesting day, she rolled over for the first time from her tummy to her back.


Friday – we met up with mummy’s godmother Di at Jamie Olivers Fifteen Restaurant. Di has been travelling around England, Scotland and Wales for the last month. It was great to see her, she bought me and O two Aussie books. I love reading books!



Saturday – Since Sarah, Matt and Charlie are visiting from Dubai, the old Chiswick gang met up for a picnic at Kew Gardens.






Sunday – Mummy and Daddy took us both to Brentford Lakes Leisure centre for Ophelia’s first swim. I got a chance to practise my swimming and go on the big slide. Whilst Ophelia had a little kick about in the baby pool. She loved it!




H x


Night at the Museum


We are already a week into the new year and I have been a bit slack with the blogging.  Mummy passes on her apologies as we have had daddy home for a couple of days so instead of spending our time on the computer we have been hanging out with daddy and doing some fun things.  I like having him home with us, he is lots of fun and always makes me laugh.  He pulls silly faces and he plays games with me.  He is the best daddy in the world, I am so lucky.

So whilst he has been home, mummy and I have been showing him what we get up to in the day.  Since our internet has been fixed we don’t spend any time in Starbucks anymore, ok I lie, mummy still gets a coffee on the occasional day but we don’t have to spend hours down there.  So we have more time to explore Chiswick and find new activities and adventures.  Mummy has wanted to take me to the playground up the road  for some time now as she noticed there was a swing set that I would be fairly secure in and thought I would enjoy it.  I used to have a indoor swing when I was born, G Nan and G Dad bought it for me and daddy said it was my favourite toy, I used to fall asleep in it.  Well mummy wasright (as usual), I loved the swing! To top it off daddy was the first one to push me for my first swing ride. Daddy pushed me  on the swing whilst mummy took photo’s.  I loved it! It was so much fun and I wasn’t scared at all, infact I think daddy could have pushed me a little higher.  Unfortunately mummy and daddy didn’t dress as warmly as me, so we didn’t stay too long just long enough for me to decide I like them very much and I hope mummy will take me to the park more often in the future.

Higher daddy, Higher!

Another day daddy had off we decided to walk up to Brentford Leisure Centre and visit Softplay.  I have been a couple of times with my friend Reese and her mummy Natasha, but this was daddy’s first time.  I am not sure who had more fun! I had just woken up from a nap so at first I was a little bit sleepy and didn’t do a lot in the ball pit.  Daddy tried to bury me with all the balls and I just layed there and let him do it.  Then mummy thought it would be a good idea to climb to the top and take me on the slide to liven me up and in another area that I can climb up and around.  She thought it would wake me up a bit, again she was spot on! So we climbed all the way to the top, I even climb the soft stairs on my own (daddy was behind me ready to catch just in case I slipped on a step).  I got to the top and had no problems at all.  At the very top of the Softplay tower there are these giant frogs and a big mushroom, this is my favourite part and I definitely livened up when I saw them.  I quickly crawled around the mushroom to hide from daddy, then he played a chasing game and we went round and round the mushroom a couple of times, I almost caught up with him.  Then we went down the slippery slide and although it was quite steep, I wasn’t scared I laughed the whole way down.  I am a brave little girl.

So I mentioned a surprise the last time I blogged.  Mummy should have unveiled it by now, but I won’t get too mad at her just yet.  She has been working hard on it and unfortunately due to complications with Windows Movie maker, it’s not quite ready.  She had completely finished it and was quite proud of herself (daddy had a private screening and gave it a thumbs up) and as computers are not always the most reliable especially when your working on a project,  our program has done just that, FAIL!  It has decided after we had put everything together, that it doesn’t recognise half of the videos we have added, even though we converted them into a format especially for the windows program…. blah blah blah, sorry about the boring tech talk (I am a daddy’s girl afterall).  So obviously our surprise is not a surprise anymore, it’s a little video of me, but what is you get to see is previously unseen footage of me in 2011.  I hope we can sort it out ASAP becuase the movie mummy has put together is kind of cool.  I hope you don’t mind waiting a little bit longer, it’s worth the wait as mummy has been saving up some great videos especially for this project.

At the moment we have my daddy’s cousin visiting London.  He has been travelling for months now and I am not going to lie, but he looks like he has been backpacking around the world.  Uncle Luke is having an awesome time but has forgotten to bring a razor with him on his travels, so when I saw him for the first time since I was 5 months old, I got quite a shock! His hair is longer and his face is hairy, so it took me a little while to warm up to him but once I did,  I wanted to play with him all night.  He wears these cool wooden bracelets on his wrist and he lets me play with them.  Mummy never lets me play with her jewellery.  Last night Uncle Luke and his friend Damo came over for dinner and to watch the football with daddy and I got to stay up a little later and watch a bit of the football aswell. It was good game and an even better result! Liverpool were the champions with a 5 – 1 result.

Today we met up with the boys in a very strange place.  I am not going to lie to you, I was a scared most of the time.  We visited a very large building in South Kensington called the Natural History Museum and it is filled with giant skeletons and animals.  At first it wasn’t so bad as I was safe with daddy in the baby bjorn.  Daddy makes me feel safe even around those huge giants, which everyone was calling Dinosaurs. There was one dinosaur in particular I didn’t like, the T-Rex.  There was a giant model of his skull including his big sharp teeth and mummy told daddy to put me up near his mouth for a photo. I didn’t mind looking at him from down below in the baby bjorn but as you will see from the photo getting a closer look was the scariest thing I have ever done.

Please don’t not feed the T-Rex

Once I got over that little incident I was quite happy looking at all the other animals.  In the mammals and reptiles area, we saw a life size blue whale and I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was HUGE.  It was about 4 times the size of omi and poppy’s boat, which made me worry, I hope they never run into a blue whale when they go outside in the open waters, he might think their boat is a tic tac.

The HUGE blue whale

Another less scary Dinosaur

I think I hear something coming up behind us

After the museum we walked to Harrods for a quick look.  Uncle Luke didn’t know about Harrods and who owns it until mummy sang the rap that Muhummad Al Fayed sang with Ali G.  She wasn’t very good but I think they knew what she was talking about.  Daddy and the boys were really looking forward to another German Sausage for lunch at Winter Wonderland in Hyde park but unfortunately it was already closed and was getting packed up for the year, so we had sandwiches at Pret instead. Mummy recently bought some outrageously silly boots the other week, she has had this voucher for LK Bennet for 2 years and really want to use it up especially whilst they had a sale on.  She found some nice boots but damn they are high, not the best choice of footwear for a mini tour around London.  We went home after our sandwiches, mummy slowly hobbled home feeling very sorry for herself.

Tomorrow the boys are going to a Chelsea game so it’s a girls day for mummy and I however I think mummy is going to be busy in the kitchen daddy put in a request for the 6 hour pork roast and poor Luke and Damo hasn’t had a home cooked meal in months.  I hope I get some this time!

H x