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Lets get this party started!


Hi Everyone,

Harlow is very excited about her first birthday and I am having fun planning it.  Don’t tell her, but I have bought her an adorable outfit for the day she is going to look amazing!  Thank you to everyone who is following her blog we have fun writing it to keep you all entertained and updated with what she is up to over here.

So a few family and friends have mentioned the list we did at Christmas, and whether we are doing the same for her birthday.  I’ll make it a little bit easier this time, Toys’r’us seemed to work the best and were fantastic with their delivery, so I have made a gift list for toys with the Toys’r’us link below.  Harlow was very spoilt at Christmas and recieved lots of lovely toys and gifts, so I have also included a website with lots of clothes.  Her drawers are looking a little thin these days, so if your interested in clothes rather than toys, check out the Next website link.  I have not made a gift list as we love everything in this store. I’ll add a couple more, but Next and Toys’r’us are two of my favourites.

I am making up a sweet shoppe stand for Harlow’s birthday so I have a lot of baking and organising to do. I promise to take lots of photo’s and Harlow will enjoying showing everyone how much fun she had at her first birthday.


If you have any problems with this website, you can search for the list using my email address: hughesy82@gmail.com and if it asks for a password: Harlow11

www.next.co.uk  (size: 9-12months.  This size still swims on her)

www.mothercare.com (also makes some very nice clothes)

Drop me an email if you have any problems with the websites or need our address.

Lots of Love

Michelle (mummy) xx

A message from Mummy

My First Christmas


What a wonderful weekend and week I have had celebrating my first Christmas.  Mummy and daddy did everything they could to make it special and memorable.

Once I finished blogging on Christmas eve I went to bed so mummy and daddy could enjoy their Christmas Eve feast. I was a such a good girl and stayed asleep until morning and woke up to find heaps of presents under the tree.  Santa must have noticed that I was a good girl all year because he spoilt me. Mummy and daddy also saved a lot of my presents for me to open in the morning so I was a busy girl.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that Santa had left me everything I had asked for. We skyped my nanny Mindy so she could watch me wake up and unwrap my presents and play with my toys, it was nice to see her and daddy’s Aunty Diane. Nanny Mindy bought me a big Blue rocking horse, some blocks and an indoor tent. So far I have played with these the most, mummy pours my blocks out on my mat but I like to keep my play area tidy and put all the blocks back in the bucket they came in. Daddy has put some of my new toys in the indoor tent and I crawl inside and play with them, hiding from mummy and daddy. There are so many toys to mention that mummy made it easy for me and took photo’s of each toy so I can remember forever who got me what.  Thank you to everyone who bought me a present, I am going to be so busy for months now playing with my new toys.  Mummy and daddy promise to take me out tomorrow for a spin on my new smart trike.

Look at all my presents!

Thankyou Cora, Kristy and Clayton for my FairyToadstool cottage. I love it!

Big cuddles for my rocking Caterpillar. Yeehaa!! I was a bit nervous when I first got on, but I love it now! Thank you Nan and G Dad. xx

Thank you Aunty Nicole for my adorable outfit, it is a perfect fit. xx

Baby Annabel and my first French and English driving lesson. Thank you Oma!! I will be able to speak french to mummies friend Kristy.

Daddy cooked up some amazing scrambled eggs and Salmon, and they sipped on pink Champagne for breakfast.  Daddy’s eggs are pretty amazing, they are so fluffy and creamy, I had mine with toast. After I had finished y breakfast and played with my new toys we packed some up and drove over to Angel in North London.  Mummy and daddy’s friends were having an Aussie Oprhan Christmas.  Lots of our Aussie friends weren’t with family this year, so this was the next best thing.  We all bought something that reminded us of home or was a family tradition.  Mummy had made a pavlova from scratch, it turned out pretty good, she also bought some yummy king prawns left over from last night and a bottle of Jagermeister.  It was so much fun! I tried my first prawn- wasn’t really a fan to be honest and I left the Oysters for the adults, they looked very slimy.  I also got to try the yummy roast of Turducken.  What is Turducken I hear you ask?  It’s a bird in a bird in a bird – Turkey stuffed with Duck stuffed with Chicken and lots of yummy stuffing between each layer, it was massive and very delicious. Of course mummy kept a close eye on me when dessert came out because we know how much daddy likes to sneak me the good stuff.  Instead I had a little bit of the fruit from the pavlova, no christmas pud for me this year.

Giddyup horsey!! Thank you Nanny Mindy. xx


 My first baby, thank you Oma. xx

Cuddles with JD

Sonders snuck me a cheese biscuit, yummy!

I think someone got my presents mixed up with daddy's secret santa present.

Later in the evening the adults had a game of Evil secret santa.  They were all very loud and it looked like a lot of fun as they could steal each other’s presents.  Mummy was very cheeky and stole Rae’s snuggie, Rae was not impressed.  Luckily when it came to opening my presents no one was allowed to take them from me.  Rae and Sonders bought me a beautiful white christmas bear and Uncle JD bought me a soft rattle toy for my pram.  Mummy and daddy had more surprises for me again in a stocking.  Mummy had hidden some presents from my Aunty Nicole in Germany, she bought two very cute outfits and some warm thick socks that say ‘I love mummy’ and ‘I love daddy’.

More presents!

 The magnificant Turducken

The Christmas Feast!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

hiding out in my tent

We managed to get home at a reasonable time but we were exhausted.  Mummy’s pants looked a lot tighter than they were in the morning and daddy looked very tired, as was I.

I had such a wonderful first Christmas, thank you to everyone who bought me a present and wished me a wonderful first Christmas. I missed my family and friends back in Australia but my friends here made my day very special.

Playing with my blocks, thanks you Nanny Mindy. xx

Taking my new bike out for a spin in Turnham Green. Thank you Omi and Poppy I LOVE it!!

cool rider

Help daddy!! I am stuck!

What an amazing year I have had, stay tuned as mummy is working on a little end of year surprise for everyone.

H x