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Come back to Sorrento


Most of you know we are back in London and have been for the past 5 days and I still haven’t updated my blog with the rest of our trip, well I am going to place most of the blame on mummy as she is so busy all the time.  She has been promising for days to finish but hasn’t got round to it.

So our last few days were spent in Sorrento, with a little less sightseeing and a little more relaxing, so I will update all about the rest of our Italy trip in this last blog entry.  Then I have a few other goodies to include about our time so far in London.


After our huge day in Rome and delicious dinner for mummy and daddy, they took their time at breakfast and checked out then we made our way down the coast of Italy to Sorrento, which is just south of Naples.  Although mummy and daddy did very well with their navigating and driving, and made a huge improvement since they first hired the car, we got very lost in Sorrento trying to find our hotel.  In fact I woke up to them trying to figure out which direction we were heading and whether or not we were driving the wrong way down a one way street…. which we were.  After being lost for an hour in the very narrow and confusing streets of Sorrento we found our hotel.  To be honest it didn’t look that great from the outside but we were happy to give it a go, as it said 4 star on the internet.  Once we got inside however, we knew from then, we were not going to like this place.  Firstly it was 4km from the middle of Sorrento which meant we had to catch a bus, there were no restaurants near us and there was just one beach which you had to pay for.  I won’t go on too much but the room was a level up from a hostel and they didn’t even give me sheets for my cot!  So mummy and daddy emailed our travel agent and hoped to get a refund, but of course we had to stay the first night here.

The private beach

The sunset view from our Suite

Beautiful Sorrento at night

In the morning we checked out after a very lame breakfast and drove into the main part of Sorrento.  Much better! Daddy was feeling very generous and forked out for a sweet pad on the cliffs, very swanky indeed.  He checked out a room and a suite, and decided we would be much more comfortable in a suite.  What a nice way to finish our trip.  It was more like a 6 star hotel, it was amazing!  The hotel had a private beach and I practically had my own room.  It had a little balcony with an amazing view over the coast and Mt Vesuvius. The water looked so blue and inviting so we immediately got our beach things together and went swimming and a little a sleep on the deck.  It was very relaxing, such a nice way to finish our hectic but very fun holiday. We wanted to relax for the next few days, no more sightseeing just a bit of r’n’r.

Swimming with Daddy

Working on my tan

In the evening mummy got all dressed up for the a sunset dinner down the road at a restaurant called Photo.  I had other plans and woke up halfway through their romantic meal and I wasn’t a happy bunny so daddy missed out on dessert again.

All dressed up for our Sunset dinner

The next day was spent sunning ourselves and swimming.  I am getting really good at kicking my legs and I try to put my head under the water to see the fish.  I can’t wait for mummy to take me to swimming lessons next summer.   It was our last night in Sorrento so mummy and daddy were just going to go get a pizza for dinner when they stumbled onto a really nice restaurant out on the water.  It was still very warm and mummy had one more nice dress to wear. So she got all dressed up again and they had a beautiful seafood dinner.  Daddy really spoilt her, so I was a really good girl all night so they got to have a very romantic meal by the water.

Chilling by the pool with my handsome daddy

The restaurant on the water

Mummy and daddy playing on these funny balanced spinning chairs at the restaurant

Mt Vesuvius

We had one more swim in the morning, as it will be our last for a very long time, then we drove to Rome. We were sad to check out of our plush pad but we had one more night in Italy, which was already booked to stay in a hotel nearer the airport.  It was a pretty good hotel and they did a fantastic pizza, not that I got to try any!

Stealing my daddies sunglasses

Cuddling my favourite toy on the big suite bed

Having pizza on our last night in Italy

I have had the best time in Italy, I am a very lucky girl.  Mummy had planned such a great holiday, I saw and learnt so much. Daddy spoilt us and I caught him looking on the internet for ideas for our next holiday. I hope it’s a winter holiday in the snow (hint hint).

We had one more plane ride which wasn’t as epic and long as my first ones, thankfully.  I slept the whole way to London and had my first black cab ride to our next destination: Cherrywood lane Morden. Luckily for us London welcomed us with sunny blue skies, what a nice way to start our next adventure – living in London.

H x


When in Rome….


There is so much to see and do in Rome and mummy sure had a big day planned for us.  Our first stop was to see the pope talk at the Vatican.  He speaks to the public every Sunday at noon.  We didn’t quite make it into the Basilica but they broadcast him in St Peters square. We took loads of photo’s and listened to him for a little while.  I didn’t really know what he was saying as my Italian is very limited to the few words I hear every day… mostly ‘ bellisima, bella, bambina, grazi, prego, ciao’ etc.  The Basilica was really beautiful but I wasn’t really in the mood for it and decided to have a little tantrum.  It’s a little game I have learnt to play whilst on this holiday. You see, I am not really a noisy baby but when I know I have to be on my best behaviour, like in museums, art galleries or churches I decide to practise using my words and I make some unreal sounds.  I also squirm in the pram or in daddy’s arms and I make all sorts of funny loud noises.  It’s a little bit embarrassing for mummy and daddy but hilarious for me.

Listening to the pope talk








Cracking up in the Basilica












Next stop was Piazza Navona for lunch and onto the Pantheon, another gigantic building.  The Romans liked to build things to a very large scale. This Roman temple has been standing for over 2000 years.


Fun Fact #4:  The Pantheon’s diameter is exactly equal to the interior height of 43.3m. Light enters through the oculus, an 8.7m opening in the dome that serves as a symbolic connection between the temple and the gods.  Rainwater enters but drains away through 22 almost invisible holes in the sloping marble floor.

The Colosseum was our next stop.  Another 2000 year, old huge building built in AD 80. I was asleep through most of this sightseeing opportunity but woke just at the end so mummy and daddy could get some family photos and share a few fun facts.

On the look out in the Colosseum








Fun fact #5: When the building was finished on the Colosseum, to mark the occasion they held games here for 100 days and nights during which 5000 animals were slaughtered (insert sad face, those poor animals).  However this wasn’t the worst killing spree, Trajan later topped this with a 117 day marathon involving 9,000 gladiators and 10,000 animals.

Today was another really hot day and by this time I was getting very uncomfortable in my pram.  We stopped by a watermelon cart and mummy put some in my little blue container.  This has to be my favourite fruit so far! Daddy’s feet were starting to get sore and it was getting close to dinner time so there was just one more stop on our tour of Rome.  Mummy saved the best for last, well her favourite for last.  Bocca della verita, made famous from the movie, the Roman Holiday starring Audrey Hepburn.  ‘Bocca della verita’ is Italian for ‘Mouth of Truth’.  Legend has it, that if you put your hand in its mouth and tell a secret, if it is true, you keep your hand but if it is a lie, the mouth takes off your hand.  Luckily both mummy and daddy told the truth with whatever they told the face and they kept both their hands.

Bocca Della Verita - The mouth of Truth

We were nowhere near our hotel so we walked all the way home so mummy could get my food ready for dinner and put me to sleep.  It was such a big day so I slept as soon as my head hit the pillow.  However mummy and daddy went out with me asleep in the pram.  They were just going to go for pizza but ended up having the best meal of the holiday.  It was a little restaurant across the road from our hotel ‘Locarno’.  They chose the 5 course degustation menu, first course was complimentary of the chef, a fried prawn – my crazy parents ate the whole prawn, head and tail, Gross! I spit out my beef and vegetables, I can’t imagine eating  a whole prawn! Then they had the first course which was fried pumpkin flowers with mozzarella and tomato, this was one of mummy’s favourites, she thought it tasted a lot like zucchini flowers.  Next course was the most delicious pasta with a tomato sauce and crispy ham, this was both mummy and daddy’s favourite.  Next they had spaghetti with a cheese and pepper sauce. Then the final savoury course was fried cod with white truffle and chick peas, also very delicious.  I think this was both mummy and daddy’s first time trying truffle and to finish off they had the most amazing chocolate soufflé for mummy and pistachio soufflé for daddy.  By this time they had, a couple bottles of wine and their stomachs were very full so it was time to go to bed!  Wow, what a huge day for us all.

H x

Having a rest with my daddy

Roman holiday


Goodness I have quite a lot of blogging to catch up on! I am sorry I have been a bit a slack lately.

After our adventurous day driving around Tuscany, our next stop was Rome.  I was such a good girl and slept the whole way, which was about 2 ½ hours drive.  We found the hotel really easily and it was really nice.  It had a cool garden restaurant between the two hotel buildings.  The only downfall was that it had a very old lift, one of those ones where it has two doors that you have to open and close each time you get in and out of it. My pram didn’t fit inside, so daddy had to carry me up the three flights of stairs each day.  Since we arrived in Rome fairly early afternoon mummy thought we should get a little bit of sightseeing in before dinner, the Trevi fountain wasn’t too far from the hotel, so off we went.  I fell asleep on the way and missed out on seeing how pretty it is, but mummy and daddy took some photo’s.

Trevi Fountain, Rome

It was such a hot afternoon, so we sat inside a nice air conditioned restaurant for dinner.  I had lamb and vegetables, this was my first time trying lamb and I really liked it.  Mummy and daddy stuck to eating a very healthy salad.  The Spanish steps were just around the corner from the restaurant, so we took a detour on our way back to the hotel.  Those steps seem to go on forever.  Daddy was glad he didn’t have to carry me and my pram up them.

Spanish Steps

We had an early night because mummy had planned a very busy day tomorrow.

H x