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My friend Scarlett


I had my first babycino yesterday with my friend Scarlett and I was telling her about my blog.  Her dad’s family live in Australia and her mum’s family is in Sweden.  I am very excited as she has now started her own blog.  If you click the link below ‘about’ you can read all about her and follow her blog too.


via About.

H x

My first Babycino at Starbucks


A photo a day keeps the doctor away.


I love the camera

I don’t really have much to report this week. So I thought I would update with a few photo’s instead.  We had a very quiet weekend and our internet is still not working and mummy still doesn’t have a phone.

Bath time!

Chilling in my cool pink bath seat










Doing the lizard

On Monday I had an appointment with a Child Modeling Agency – Scallywags.  Mummy had sent my photo’s to a few agencies and we heard back from two who were interested in seeing me.  Scallywags seemed very professional, so mummy decided to book our interview with them.  They didn’t chat to us long, but they took a couple of photo’s of me.  Mummy was standing behind the photographer trying to make me smile, I gave them a half effort not my full cheeky smile.  Either way whatever I did worked and mummy got an email today saying they would like me to go on their books.  So you never know, I might be in the next gurgle or baby vogue or something very soon.

Not my best model face, but I can't smize all the time










Mummy booked me into another musical/playtime lesson today with a group called Hartbeeps.  It was loads of  fun and mummy bought her camera with her today so she took some photo’s of me playing with other kids.  We made a new friend today, Raindrop and her daddy Oge.  They are from America and recently moved to London for her mummy’s work.  Mummy and I went out to lunch with Oge and Raindrop and next week we are going to a music session with Gymboree.

Playing with my new friend - Raindrop








Playing on the beach ball at Hartbeeps










More fun at Hartbeeps


I follow mummy all around the apartment now and I am gettingvery good at going from crawling to sitting myself up.  I get a little tired so I need that rest and I just sit and watch mumy cook or do whatever she is doing.  Last night I was sitting near the coffee table and I got up on my knees and tried to pull myself up.  Mummy was getting very excited and was egging me on but I gave up after a couple of efforts.  It shouldn’t be long till I can pull myself up, especially as mummy has bought me some new toys to help me learn to stand and walk.

Come and get me!


We had an update from Virgin Media today and unfortuantely it looks like our internet problem won’t be fixed for another month! How ridiculous, but it doesn’t matter how much ranting and raving mummy does, it won’t get them out here to fix the problem any quicker so we just have to perservere with free Wifi at Starbucks.

Playing in the grass at Cheltenham

H x


Cotswolds weekender


Still no internet in our house unfortunately, which makes blogging on a regular basis quite inconvenient! So this week mummy and I have been getting up, having brekky and tidying up the flat then we walk to the bigger Starbuck’s up on Chiswick High Road. Mummy usually gets a big coffee and does her bits on the internet and I have my morning nap.  All was going well with this little routine until last Friday morning, we ran into a bit of bad luck.  Mummy was minding her own business updating things, buying me new toys etc and then these two eastern european girls came up to her asking for money.  Mummy said ‘no’ but they persisted and kept moving closer and closer to us.  I was awake and watching all of this but I can’t talk yet otherwise I would have said to mummy ‘Watch out that girl is taking your phone!’ That’s right one of the girls took her phone off the table and because mummy had her laptop on her lap, she didn’t even notice.  The girls went away once mummy got a bit annoyed and told them to leave her alone, but still didn’t realise her phone was missing.  She went back to playing with me and checking emails.  Then all of a sudden I felt really ill and projectile vomited all over myself and my bugaboo.  Mummy was a bit shocked as I never usually throw up and it was everywhere! So she quickly packed up our things and that is when she couldn’t find her phone.  After she cleaned me up, she told the people who work at Starbucks and they went back and checked out the cctv.  Mummy then had to call into O2 and cancel her sim and block her phone and visit the police station.  It wasn’t a great way to start the weekend or finish the week. Mummy loves her phone and so do I!

After our disastrous morning, we had to get on with our day and mummy had something fun planned for me.  She had booked me in for a free trial at Gymboree.  Gymboree is an activity club with lots of other babies my age.  We learn songs and play with lots of developemental toys.  My favourite part was when they got out a big parachute and we sat on top, our mummies blew bubbles and made big parachute waves.  It was so fun trying to pop those bubbles.  I showed off how well I get myself around the room with my commando style crawl, and some of the other babies were really good at crawling so they gave me a few pointers.  I had lots of fun but we have a few other free trials with some other activity groups next week.  This one is quite expensive so mummy said she will see which is the most fun for us.

Saturday morning we got up fairly early and mummy had our bags packed, we were going on an adventure! We caught the tube to Hammersmith, then due to some track works we had to catch the bus rather the Hammersmith line to Paddington station.  The bus took a lot longer than what the tube takes so we literally made our train by the skin of our teeth, 3 minutes before it was due to depart.  Phew! We were going to Cheltenham for the weekend to visit Nikki and Nathan, and Nathan’s mummy and daddy, Heike and David.  Heike and David flew in from Sydney this morning.  Unfortunately Nathan wasn’t playing today but he still went to the game with Heike and David.  Nikki, Mummy and I went shopping around Cheltenham instead.  It was another amazing day in England, I am so glad the weather has been warm enough so I can still wear my summer dresses.

Cheltenham is a really nice little city, there are lots of shops and its right in the middle of nice area of England called the Cotswolds.  Lots of Londoners visit the Cotswolds for a weekend getaway, as it’s only two hours by train and it’s made up of nice little villages and country towns. A few celebrities have cottages out here, Kate Moss visits here regularly.  Nikki and Nathan cooked a very yummy roast dinner and all the adults stayed up really late and kept drinking.  I was a good girl and had my favourite fruity chicken for dinner and went to bed.

Everyone had a little bit of a sleep in on Sunday morning and Heike made everyone bacon and eggs.  It smelt yummy but I just had my mashed banana and Weetbix.  Mummy says I am Weetbix kid but I don’t know what she is talking about, crazy woman! After brekky we drove out to Bourton-on-the-water, the Venice of the Cotswolds.  It is a quaint little town with a little creek running through it.  There were droves of people out having picnics by the water and feeding the ducks, some people even got into the little creek but I overheard them saying how cold it was.  I went for a walk with Heike and David whilst mummy, daddy, Nikki and Nathan went into a maze.  Dragonfly maze was the best maze they had all been to, so they said.  It was more than a maze, as they all had to collect clues along the way then when they found their way into the middle they had to put together the riddle and figure out where the dragonfly was hiding.  It took them a while but in the end they worked together and found the dragonfly, I won’t tell you where they found it, just in case you visit one day and want to work it out yourself. It was very clever and made the maze a whole lot more interesting.

It was such a nice weekend out in the countryside. I love going for road trips in the van with mummy and daddy. It was really nice to see Heike and David and see something new and interesting.  To top it off the weather was like a summer’s day, so although the weekend started bad with mummy’s phone it ended up bring a really nice weekend.

H x