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The Tourist


Venice is so beautiful and interesting, it’s like a fun game everytime you walk out the hotel door… where will this little alleyway lead me?


I slept very well last night and was ready for another big adventure around Venice.  Whilst mummy was fussying about with her makeup and hair etc daddy took me out for a little walk after brekky.  Once mummy was ready she joined us and we walked all around Venice.  We looked at the very nice designer boutiques in Calle Larga Marzo, daddy really picked up the pace down that street.  Then we made our way down to Campo San Maurizo and stopped for some milk and ice coffee.  I get lots of attention where ever we stop or walk, the Italians love me.  They get down to my eye level and talk incredibly fast in Italian, I can’t understand them but I am pretty sure they are telling me how cute I am.

The Grand Canal

Just a heads up for any other baby’s out there wanting to go to Venice, it’s not very pram friendly!  There is a little bridge every couple of metres, which means daddy has to pick the pram up and carry me over, he is getting a really good work out on his guns.

Working on daddy's guns

We admired the Grand Canal after coffee.  Much to daddy’s disappointment we had to cross a big bridge to look at how beautiful it was.  At the top of the bridge I noticed there were lots of gold padlocks on the railings with initials and love hearts on them.  Daddy explained to me that couples in love are  paying tribute to their eternal love.  Couples write a message of love on the lock, affix it to any permanent structure on the bridge, and throw the key into the water below. I think mummy and daddy should buy a lock and do the same.

The beautiful Grand Canal






Locks of love










Gelato here is amazing….well so I am told.  Mummy won’t let me have any but daddy keeps promising to sneak me some when she isn’t watching.  So far they have tried chocolate, kiwi, peach, mango and melon and I don’t think they can choose a favourite, they are all delicious.

Cooling down with some ice in my little blue bag

After lunch and Gelato, it was getting ridiculously hot and I got very uncomfortable, I don’t think I am cut out for this heat. Good thing I am moving to a cold country.  We went back to the hotel room for a quick nap and a cool down.

Play time in the hotel room

In the evening we walked around Piazza San Marco and admired the massive buildings and artwork. We bought some new hats and mummy tried on some of the Carnivale masks. She looked very funny! We wanted to go for a nice meal over the canal, at Guidecca how ever I had other ideas.  It was a nice boat trip over but I was still too hot and bothered so I cried and chucked a few tantrums until mummy and daddy took me home.  They had to find a restaurant that did some very nice takeaway, so they didn’t go hungry.  I think they had some very nice Eggplant gnocci – Omi would have loved it!

Piazza San Marco


The Carnivale masks









Watching the sunset with daddy....before my tantrum.


Catching the boat to Guidecca









I hope we go to the beach tomorrow, I need to cool down and try out my cozzie from Kerry and Joel.

H x


Where for art thou?


Day two in Italy and we are off on another adventure.  Today our road trip begins.

We have been very good with Milano’s public transport,  it has been really easy to figure out thanks to mummy’s exceptional navigational skills.  We have tried them all, taxi, bus, train and of course the plane we arrived in.  Today after breakfast we checked out of our Hotel – Hotel Madison, Best Western Milano, and caught the bus to Linate airport to pick up our sweet ride for the rest of our trip.  ‘Silver fox’ is a very nice silver Peugeot Station Wagon.  Once we had our wheels we decided it was a little bit too late to go to Lake Como, so we drove onto the A4 to get to Venice via Verona.  Sounds easy enough, unless you have never driven a manual left hand drive, on the opposite side of the road.  It took us a couple of tries to get out of the car park, mummy kept trying to change the gears near the door! It was little bit scary, the Italians drive very fast and are a bit impatient if you are going too slow.

Fun Fact #2: On the Italian Motorways you can travel 130km/h.


Romeo, Romeo where for art thou?



The love Graffiti near Juliet's balcony










A few wrong turns and exits later we arrived in Verona.  It was really beautiful, such a quaint and romantic kind of city.  Mummy had told me the story of Romeo and Juliet and how it was based in fair Verona, so we visited Juliet’s balcony.  What a gorgeous building and on the outside of it there were lots and lots of graffiti, but it was graffiti about love, painted in all different colours. It was kind of pretty so we took some pictures here.

The main square of Verona was surrounded by painted buildings and lots of markets in the middle.  The markets sold all sorts of things from fruit, hats, t-shirts and fancy masks. Some of the masks were elegant and very detailed and some were a little bit scary. Daddy took me wandering through the markets whilst mummy took lots of photos.

Shopping in the Piazza, Verona




All the scary and beautiful masks







On the road again, we noticed that the outside temperature had reached its max for the day a balmy 43 degrees Celsius. What’s it like back in Australia?



Fun fact #3: Venice is built on 117 small islands connected by 400 bridges over 150 canals.

We parked our car in a big parking lot –Tronchetto, just outside of Venice and caught the ferry to San Marco.  Wow Piazza San Marco is massive!  Unfortunately we didn’t stop long to admire how beautiful it was because we wanted to find our hotel and have a shower, we have plenty of time for that over the next three days. It was still very hot and we had been walking around with our bags for a while.  Venice is like a maze and when you haven’t got a map for it, it can be very difficult to find your way.  We learnt the hard way when mummy couldn’t find the hotel.  We walked for ages and poor daddy looked a bit like a sweaty pack horse carrying all the big heavy bags.

Catching the ferry to San Marco

I fell asleep after a shower and a feed from mummy, but daddy told me they went out for dinner and a little stroll down some of the narrow alleys and canals.  I went along of course in my pram, but I didn’t see any of it as I was sound asleep after another big day.

H x