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My first visit to the Aquarium


Weekend roundup


We have been busy little bee’s this week so here is our weekend roundup.  On Friday I had lunch with Sarah, mummies friend from when she used to work in Recruitment.  They used to have so much fun, sneaking off at lunch for a glass of wine and going out after work on a Friday.  I have mentioned Sarah before because mummy is very excited for her, as she got engaged the other weekend.  Sarah’s Nan knitted me a lovely white and pink cardigan with a hood.  It was a perfect fit and goes lovely with my pink corduroy overalls!


My new cardigan. Thank you Sarah. xx

On Saturday again we were in a very social mood and had planned a brunch in Wimbledon with Jo and Kristy.  I had never met Jo before but I liked her very much, she really like holding me and let me bounce on her lap.  Wimbledon Village was quite nice and it was a rather eventful brunch.  Firstly mummy tried to give me Pancakes, but I wasn’t really interested,they were a little bit overcooked.  They are Brianna’s favourite so I thought I would love them too, I guess I wasn’t in the mood.  Then whilst we were having breakfast a group of people rode past in the main street on their horses!  You expect to see horses in the country side or on old Macdonald’s farm like mummy sings about, not in the street whilst your in a cafe having breakfast! Then all of a sudden, a pigeon flew into the cafe and there was a big commotion.  The poor bird flew into the window but he didn’t hurt himself, I think he was just a little bit scared as he thought that was the way to get out.  He got himself into a little bit of trouble in one corner, but then a very nice man caught him and let him go outside and the Pigeon happily flew away on another adventure.

After brunch we walked around the shops in Wimbledon.  Mummy was very good and kept her money in her wallet.  Mummy and I helped Kristy chose some nice new clothes.  I did mention to mummy that my wardrobe is looking a little thin these days but she said we would go shopping for us another time.

Sunday was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and there wasn’t many clouds.  It was fairly warm so we decided to spend it outside.  Mummy and daddy took me on a very long walk along the Thames.  I think we walked about 5 miles but we had a little break in a pub in Barnes.  I was exhausted from being pushed in the pram so I had a little sleep and mummy and daddy played Connect 4 and drank some cider.  Daddy is really good and won 3 – 0!

We have a few birthday shout-outs this week. Firstly it was my Aunty Melissa’s birthday on Sunday and today is my G Nan’s birthday.  I really hope you both had a lovely day.  I can’t wait for my first birthday, mummy might even let me try some cake.

Oink Oink


Tomorrow we have the Virgin man coming out to fix our internet. Fingers crossed he does a good job and we won’t have to go down to Starbucks to use the internet anymore.  I know mummy loves the coffee there, but it’s a bit loud for my morning nap.  There is always some naughty baby screaming it’s head off!  We also have a fun day planned with Hartbeeps and our friends Jo and Lucille are visiting us.

I almost forgot to mention that I am mastering a few new tricks.  I am really good at walking around the coffee table, talking in gibberish really LOUDLY and clapping my hands.  I waved the other day when mummy told me too, but I haven’t done it since. Yesterday mummy helped me learn to walk with my toy walker.  I am good at climbing on it when it is sturdy, leaning up against the coffee table and I stand up, but this one has wheels and she set it up in an open space so I could stand up and push it.  Mummy held onto it so it wouldn’t run away from me and I slowly pushed it along.  I took a few steps and I didn’t think it was that hard.  We are going to spend the next few weeks practising until I am confident enough to use it on my own. Mummy usually puts me in my cot with my toys whilst she vacuums and I happily sit there and play.  This morning however I decided it was high time that I stand up on my own in my cot and peak over the top and I did it! She was very surprised and luckily she had her phone near by and filmed it.  I think it will feature in her next movie montage.

It’s my nap time now so I better go lay down, all these new tricks are exhausting.

H x






Little piglet