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My first Nativity Play


Yesterday daddy took me to school for the first time. I was so excited to show him my classroom and for him to meet all my new friends and my little boyfriend Benjamin.  Daddy took me to school today because I had something even more special to show him…. my first nativity play. I was in a starring role – Angel. I was one of three Angels and have been spending time with Hayley practising my songs, the actions and my very important line. I had been practising so much as I didn’t want to mess up my first time on stage.

Mummy and daddy came along and were lucky enough to get a seat in the front row. Here is the video of my very first performance in front of a live audience.

Merry Christmas!

H x

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The Secret Garden






The weather has been wet, windy and not very Summery at all. So I thought I would look back on some pictures of a really nice day we had back April. It felt more like spring than it does at the moment.

My friend Ellia showed me a secret garden in Richmond park. Mummy and I had never been there before and it was fantastic, so beautiful! All the different flowers and plants made the garden look so colourful and vibrant. My favourites were the bluebells… See for yourself, mummy got some really nice pics of the three of us.

What is your favourite flower?

H x


20140430-DSC_0377 20140430-DSC_0359 20140430-DSC_0326 20140430-DSC_0324 20140430-DSC_0313 20140430-DSC_0288 Isabella Plantation 20140430-DSC_0296 20140430-DSC_0300 20140430-DSC_0304

Autumn Days 2013


Butterfly World


A week in Pictures


Its been a super busy week this week. It started like any normal week …..

Monday – Nursery day





Tuesday we met Bec, Oliver and Luca at the Natural History museum to see the Dinosaurs


Wednesday we met up with Sarah and Charlie. It was great to see them as it’s been 9 months since they moved to Dubai



Thursday I went to Nursery but Ophelia had a very interesting day, she rolled over for the first time from her tummy to her back.


Friday – we met up with mummy’s godmother Di at Jamie Olivers Fifteen Restaurant. Di has been travelling around England, Scotland and Wales for the last month. It was great to see her, she bought me and O two Aussie books. I love reading books!



Saturday – Since Sarah, Matt and Charlie are visiting from Dubai, the old Chiswick gang met up for a picnic at Kew Gardens.






Sunday – Mummy and Daddy took us both to Brentford Lakes Leisure centre for Ophelia’s first swim. I got a chance to practise my swimming and go on the big slide. Whilst Ophelia had a little kick about in the baby pool. She loved it!




H x

It’s just like riding a bike


I am growing up so fast mummy and daddy can’t believe their eyes! We went out for a Sunday stroll and I was desperate to take my bike out for a spin as it’s been collecting dust these days.  Now I can reach the proper pedals and tried to figure out what to do with them. With this special bike daddy can push it and the pedals move but don’t control the wheel or you can lock the pedals in and then I need to push them myself to get the bike rolling. So daddy thought he would lock them in and try to teach me how to ride the bike on my own for the first time. Here is a sneak preview of how I went.

H x

Row Row Row your boat


Happy Fathers Day


Happy fathers Day to the best daddy in the whole world!

H x