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The Secret Garden






The weather has been wet, windy and not very Summery at all. So I thought I would look back on some pictures of a really nice day we had back April. It felt more like spring than it does at the moment.

My friend Ellia showed me a secret garden in Richmond park. Mummy and I had never been there before and it was fantastic, so beautiful! All the different flowers and plants made the garden look so colourful and vibrant. My favourites were the bluebells… See for yourself, mummy got some really nice pics of the three of us.

What is your favourite flower?

H x


20140430-DSC_0377 20140430-DSC_0359 20140430-DSC_0326 20140430-DSC_0324 20140430-DSC_0313 20140430-DSC_0288 Isabella Plantation 20140430-DSC_0296 20140430-DSC_0300 20140430-DSC_0304


Party season pampering


Well it’s that time of year again – lots of special xmas parties and photos being taken so I treated myself to a MAKEOVER!! well almost, I started with a new haircut and lets face it, it was long overdue! the last professional haircut I had was over 9 months ago!

What do you think? Did she do a good job?

H x
H Haircut 2

H Haircut 3

H Haircut

H pizza

‘A’ List celebrity!


I am the luckiest girl in the world… The other day Mama took me Christmas shopping and we spotted an A list Celebrity!! You wouldn’t believe me if I told you so we got photo proof…. see for yourself. We met Santa Claus!!

This is way better than Mama’s celeb spot the other week…. who do you think is the bigger celeb?

H x

Mama’s Celebrity spot:
Lady Gaga

My ‘A’ List celebity:
2013 Santa Photo


Halloween 2013


Oops this blog is about a month and a half over due…. Halloween flashback

I know Halloween has been and gone weeks ago but we have been a bit quiet on the blogs lately so I have a little bit of catching up to do. This year mummy didn’t go overboard and buy us outrageous costumes, we kept it simple. We made some Jack’o’lanterns and put them out the front, we hung a glow in the dark skeleton and bought lots of lollies in case we had some trick or treaters knock on our door.

I had never gone trick or treating before but at nursery they decided to take us out in our Halloween costumes. It was fun knocking on the doors around in and around our street and yelling ‘Trick or Treat’! I worked out that you got more lollies from the homes that had jack’o’lanterns out the front.

When mummy picked me up from nursery we knocked on a few more doors on our way home. I have never seen so many lollies. The other part of Halloween I enjoyed was when kids knocked on our front door and I gave them lollies. There were so many scary outfits – skeletons, pirates, ghosts and witches. For weeks mummy and I talked about dressing me up as the big bad wolf and we were going to put Ophelia in a piggy outfit – The three little pigs is my favourite book at the moment. However we couldn’t find a cool wolf outfit so I dressed up as the Halloween fairy.

What did you dress up as for Halloween?

H x

A week in Pictures


Its been a super busy week this week. It started like any normal week …..

Monday – Nursery day





Tuesday we met Bec, Oliver and Luca at the Natural History museum to see the Dinosaurs


Wednesday we met up with Sarah and Charlie. It was great to see them as it’s been 9 months since they moved to Dubai



Thursday I went to Nursery but Ophelia had a very interesting day, she rolled over for the first time from her tummy to her back.


Friday – we met up with mummy’s godmother Di at Jamie Olivers Fifteen Restaurant. Di has been travelling around England, Scotland and Wales for the last month. It was great to see her, she bought me and O two Aussie books. I love reading books!



Saturday – Since Sarah, Matt and Charlie are visiting from Dubai, the old Chiswick gang met up for a picnic at Kew Gardens.






Sunday – Mummy and Daddy took us both to Brentford Lakes Leisure centre for Ophelia’s first swim. I got a chance to practise my swimming and go on the big slide. Whilst Ophelia had a little kick about in the baby pool. She loved it!




H x

Terrible two’s – not me!


Happy Birthday to me! It was my birthday on Saturday and I have been looking forward to it all week. There has been lots of deliveries at our door so I knew mummy had some special surprises and treats planned for me.  I am pretty sure some of those deliveries were presents as well.

Firstly on Friday night, although it was my birthday in the morning, mummy seemed to get a big present herself the night before – She got a car!! I guess I couldn’t complain as it benefits both of us as she will be driving me every where, to my friends houses and all the fun activities I like to get involved in. So in a funny way it was a present for me too, as now she won’t have any excuses not to take me to a swimming lesson because it’s raining.

Any way back to my birthday, and being another year older! I can’t believe how quickly another year has gone. I have achieved so much in one year – walking, talking, jumping and snowboarding not to mention being toilet trained and sleeping in my own big girl bed. I wonder what this year has in store for me.

I woke up fairly early as I was super excited that my big day had arrived. We also had so much to do today (you know what mummy is like leaving things to the last minute). When I woke up I jumped into bed with mummy and daddy and they smothered me with cuddles and kisses, then they took me into the lounge room and to my surprise they had decorated it like a big party, lots of balloons and bunting and best of a lounge full of PRESENTS!! I jumped straight on the lounge and got stuck into opening them.  It was so exciting, there were presents from family all over the world. Nanny Mindy got me a pink trampoline, Aunty Melissa bought me a Vets outfit, tools and a gardening kit, Mummy and daddy bought me a bouncing cow, some puzzles, books and some cooking utencils which confused me at first but then when I skyped Nan and Gdad I got another surprise. They had bought me a big play kitchen (sadly it wasn’t set up because mummy and daddy tried to put it together the night before only to find out it was broken, so I have to wait a little bit longer for that present, which I don’t mind, it just stretches my birthday out for longer).

I have to admit the trampoline was the most fun and I didn’t want to get off it well, not until mummy put a yummy plate of blueberry and ricotta smiley pancakes with ice cream and maple syrup on the table. YUM!! They went down a treat and she even made extra for daddy. Everyone back in Australia wanted to wish me happy birthday so I had a big Skype session whilst I ate my breakfast.

Mummy was rather frantic after breakfast, running around like a headless chook, we had to go to the shop, the post office – pick up this and that…. It was such a busy morning that I didn’t put up a fight when she told me I had to sleep so she could do some baking. I happily went for my lunchtime nap knowing that I would need all the energy I could find for my big birthday party in the afternoon.

When I woke up it was PARTY TIME!!! Woohoo!! I couldn’t wait to see my friends and have lots of fun. When I got there Mummy’s best friend Kiki was already there as she had help mummy set up and she gave me a big birthday cuddle.  I had my party at an Italian restaurant called Brickoven Milano in Chiswick.  It has a big playroom for kids like me and a separate party room.  Mummy and Kiki had decorated the party room full of balloons and Peppa big decorations – Peppa Pig is my favourite. Mummy must have been baking mad when I was asleep because the table was full of cup cakes and a big Chocolate and Raspberry cake, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it!

All my buddies from around Chiswick were at the party and all of mummy and daddy’s friends as well.  Most of the time I played in the playroom with Reece, William, Charlie, Ellia, Olivia and Amelia. I was running around having so much fun I barely saw Mummy and Daddy. I did manage to eat some the delicious Pizza that was on the table but I still had my eye on the prize – Birthday cake.

Finally it was time for CAKE! Everyone gathered around me and sang Happy Birthday. I had to blow out my candles and make a wish and then everyone gave me a clap.  It was so cool, I had such a great party.  Even after everyone had left, I still had all my presents to unwrap at home. It was such a special day and I am so glad I had my friends around to party with.  I am also lucky that I got to see my family in the morning via Skype. Although they are so far away it doesn’t feel that way when I can sit and eat my brekky whilst chatting to them, although I do miss the cuddles.

Thank you everyone who joined me at my party, you helped make my second birthday very special and a big Thank you to everyone for all my lovely gifts and cards, I was one very spoilt little girl. I won’t want to leave the house this week as I have so many new toys to play with.

H x


London like a tourist


IMG_0142 IMG_0143 IMG_0144 IMG_0145 IMG_0146 IMG_0147

On Thursday Omi and Poppy’s friends Bill and Lyn arrived all the way from Australia. They are staying with us for a little bit before Omi and Poppy arrive.  They have known my Mummy since she was a very little girl. They used to all go 4WDriving together.  Bill and Lyn have never been to London before so there was plenty they wanted to see and do.  We made a big list of all the attractions, museums and fun things and we decided to tackle things in a group so they got to see as much as possible in the time they were here.  This meant that I got to enjoy being a tourist again. We visited some of the same places as we went with GNan and GDad, I am getting to know my way around this big city.

First stop on Friday was Harrods – Lyn loved all the different things that you could buy. It was her birthday so she was hinting to Bill about buying a very sparkly necklace….. Unfortunately for her I don’t think he got the hints. It’s almost Christmas so all of London is lit up like one big Christmas tree, I think you would be able to see it from space. Harrods and all the big department stores decorate their windows and this year Harrods had a Fairy tale theme, all my favourite stories were there. I think Mummy’s favourite was the Cinderella window which had a beautiful sparkling Louboutin shoe in the window.

Next stop was Hyde Park where we chased squirrels and fed some as well. One came right up to me, he was very friendly.  Last year around this time we visited Santa at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and all the fun things were there again this year.  I eyed up lots of fun rides that I would like Omi and Poppy to take me on when they get here. Mummy bought me a big pretzel which I liked but I was more interested in exploring the rides and walking around which worried Mummy as it was very busy and she didn’t want to lose me, I am very fast.

The sun was starting to go down and we still wanted to visit Buckingham Palace so we walked the rest of the way through Green Park, kicking all the big piles of Autumn leaves until we arrived at the very large Palace.  We all took lots of photo’s and I think Bill and Lyn were very impressed with the Queens residence. They were also very surprised at how quickly and early it gets dark here.  So when we left Buckingham Palace it was fairly dark which made them feel like it was 7pm not 4pm!

Lyn wanted to visit the Ritz which was right next to Green Park station, it was all lit up and looks very grand. So we walked around to the entrance and asked the doorman which direction to go for a hot chocolate and babycino instead of pointing us in the right direction he politely told us that we were not dressed up enough for this hotel and we were not allowed to go in for a drink the only direction we were heading was back out the entrance. Next time Mummy will have to dress me up in a pretty dress, my cute little smiles couldn’t sway him this time.

Feeling slightly rejected we decided to head home and wait till tomorrow for our next big adventure around London.

H x